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Sunday Column (141)

I love those weeks that pass very quickly. Too often have I managed to work a few hours more. And, I don’t mind it. But if you have days where you work the hours of two days in one, hardly sleep, and realise you have done weekly overtime despite you only worked 4 days, it is time to relax. I am not moaning, I love working, even feel like being a work-aholic but with family and all, it can be quite tiring. Yes, I am a bit stressed at the moment, a bit pushed. Despite our Germany holiday, I haven’t really relaxed for a while. The sleepless nights, the ongoing man flu and the car take their toll. All that on top of work. Latter however is very enjoyable as otherwise I wouldn’t put that much effort in. Anyway, to relax I got away this weekend. Since the car wasn’t an option the four of us went – with rucksack and pram – through the rush hour on Friday morning to catch a train to Cornwall to see Jen’s uncle Mike. It was fantastic. Despite the hate for buses and my wife feeling travel sick, everything else was great about

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