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Buddhism – Inner Dimensions & Spiritual Revolution

As this month I will not arouse myself with alcohol, I hope to be able to write a few more posts, particularly about Buddhism. Let us look at the following quote from the Dalai Lama: Our problems, both those we experience externally such as wars, crime and violence and those we experience internally as emotional and psychological suffering will not be solved until we address this underlying neglect of our inner dimension. That is why the great movements of the last hundred years and more–democracy, liberalism, socialism, and Communism–have all failed to deliver the universal benefits they were supposed to provide, despite many wonderful ideas. A revolution is called for, certainly, but not a political, an economic, or a technical revolution. We have had enough experience of these during the past century to know that a purely external approach will not suffice. What I propose is a spiritual revolution. – His Holiness the Dalai Lama I highlighted in bold a few points: a) address the underlying neglect of our inner dimension b) failed to deliver (referring to the outer dimension) c) spiritual revolution Only a spiritual revolution will be able to address whatever is bugging you inside. b) and c)

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