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Don’t schedule more than 70% of your time! Productivity Tip 2

How does your time management work? When I first started uni many many moons ago, I was told about time management. I started with scheduling the big things in first, the long term objectives, the things that take longer, then working my way down to daily actions. That was before the life of smart phones helped us manage our day and before to-do lists were on every phone.

One thing I remember is to not schedule more than 70% of your time. Why? Because there is always something unexpected happening. Instead, maybe have a list of things to do when having ‘downtime’. But hey, we don’t even have to fill every minute of the day, we could just use free time to think. Yes, sit there and think, digest the information you collected over the day. Particularly during difficult and challenging times, it is so important to relax your brain. Maybe even try some mindfulness

Are you answering the phone after 6 pm, working through the night or sacrificing your lunch?
Do you get enough sleep?

All those things you sacrifice to work more? Surely that’s not the aim of the game, is it?

Start taking charge of your time today and be in control. Build successful routines and habits to support regular hours and down-time too. Now more than ever, this is especially prevalent if you are working from home like most of us have or are during Covid19.
It will help you to divide the day between your ‘work’ and ‘life’ even if there are no physical boundaries.

If you are interested in more tips around productivity, head over to my playlist on YouTube to discover them all. If you like what you see, you can also check out my personal development course which helps you to align your inner values to your goals and purpose in life. This in return leads you to more success and productivity.

customer service again – fitness first last


I wrote about fitness first’s customer service before. Now, I decided to leave them and join my local council gym. It is cheaper, closer and it upgraded all the gym equipment.

After the last hassle of changing between clubs my contract got “officially renewed” although I have been with fitness first for quite some time. Now I have to wait for the minimum period to be over to cancel the membership, and have to see an adviser to cancel my membership too.

That is what I did today. And, I was positively surprised. I had to sign another form that says I want to cancel and not take the opportunity to sign up for some free stuff if I decided to stay. Got a temporary card and can use the gym until end of the year. Not too bad.

Will then join the council gym, Beckenham Spa, for £13/month less and it is about 10 minutes closer to home. What else I want. Happy days?!

Only problem: the time to use the gym 🙂

Have a good weekend