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Sunday Column (514)

This is a special post. Why? You see below.
I have made a few decisions this week, based on having a few hours to think about life and life’s priorities. From January, I will stop writing my Sunday Column. 10 years, over 500 posts and a collection of over 1000 pages are enough for now. It helped me in my personal development, my reflection and I aim to use it as a base for some further book writing, including a publication of the posts in an e-book. It might just take a few months/years to review and publish.

When I started my blog in 2009 I was childless, working in search marketing and just bought my first house. Things have changed. I have developed over the years and have found my blog both a creative outlet and therapeutical. However, it is time to channel that energy elsewhere. Stay tuned. This doesn’t mean I will stop writing, and occasionally you will find a topical post here. Instead I want to continue with my podcast, another creative outlet where I personally, and hopefully the listeners, gain more from too.

Finding a wall. You might remember that I took part in a 24 hour endurance race last year, having had to pull out due to injury after about 35K. I wanted a new wall, and leisurely went for a marathon. When I say leisurely, training in the heat, on the treadmill during our holidays in Singapore, and running my longest run after a week in India, literally off the plane, jet lagged and having a cold. It was awful and I feared for the worse for this weekend. Life is about those walls, the challenges, the things that push you further. That’s how you learn and grow.

This weekend was marathon time. I spent the last week worrying. As a mentor of mine says you can be a worrier or a warrior. The former dominated my last week. It’s a phenomenon called ‘maranoia’. Any little niggle might stop you running the marathon. The worry something could go wrong. My knees not holding up, too much pain, too much food, etc. – a lot of the marathon training is in your head. You need to be physically fit but the “head fitness” should not be underestimated. And everyone who knows me has said, if I don’t have the headspace to do that, who does? Maybe. Anyway…

And so I did it. Saturday we embarked to Kington upon Thames, for me to run the Thames Meander Marathon. A non gradient run, officially a trail marathon, but really a mixture of gravel, soft and paved grounds. Along the Thames river, watching the rowing boats, and too many people in your way at the water front. But that all aside. I didn’t hit the wall until Kilometer 38. I walked a bit around that mark and closer to the end. Mainly to refuel, to digest, and to drink. It was hard, in my head, in my bones, in my knees. My aim was to run it all which I mainly achieved, and also to come in under 4:30 hours. I did that too.

This is probably one of the few times where I would admit I am proud of what I have achieved. It’s an achievement, and I enjoyed it. Whilst running a marathon is for oneself, it is also the official rubber stamp to have achieved one – if that makes sense. Joining the club. And without my wife, I couldn’t have done it. The endless hours of training, the impact on the family, the grumpiness. And she has done 5 😉

A lot of people already asked me what’s next. You can see above, and I wrote about it this summer, my life gets more focus. I am feeling settled in my job, and I have done a marathon. I will cut back on my blog, focus more on my podcast. And there are more plans, which I will share when appropriate. Life never gets boring.

Love and Kindness,

Sunday Column (120)

This week was unreal. With me being off for Colin’s 2nd birthday on Monday, I even forgot to check my work emails all day. That was fantastic. I spent a really good day with the family and truly enjoyed it. Much needed.

Overall, last weekend, spending time with the family, was fantastic. I didn’t think I’d enjoy it that much but I really did. The whole family being together. I start realising that family becomes more and more important in my life, and that my focus starts shifting, if slightly, towards a more family focused life. Who would have guessed? But how couldn’t it with such a great wife and two gorgeous boys 😉

Now on Tuesday my boss from Germany was over, and Wednesday/Thursday we spent in Brighton at a conference. It was not only a good conference, good networking, and good booze up but also great chats and new ideas. We shall see what comes out of this but I think it is going to be great.

Friday was just a quick catch up with work, getting on top of things, realising that most people I wanted to speak to were not available. Holiday season started. However, I managed to catch up with a good friend from my German fraternity who will move back to London soon.

So the main focus, and I almost feel guilty, was the weekend again. Time with the family, and time with kids. I really enjoy doing that.

These are the main developments. I found out about some interesting stuff, including school systems in the UK, and about some other possibilities. And, as always, it makes me think. No imminent or hasty decisions though, so not to worry 😉

And, for a long time, I managed to watch a movie again: The Expandables. Fantastic entertainment. Followed by a bit of Braveheart on freeview 🙂 What else can you wish for on a Saturday night?

Have a fantastic week, I will be blogging about social media once again, so hopefully you enjoy it. After my “social media rave” with Ocado I got a positive response from them this morning. So companies are reacting to social media, I remember when I was “arguing” with Vodafone or BT a while back. Maybe social is my real passion?!

Love and Kindness,

Sunday Column (115)

Now this was, you might have guessed, another wild and quick week. Looking back on what has happened this week I can say that I grew from both a personal but also from a professional point of view. That means life is good, I am progressing 🙂time.jpg

Colin, for the first time, used a potty this week. He is growing up so quickly. His vocabulary is growing by a word a day. My wife says that other kids his age come up with the same words, e.g. “nee-naa” for fire engine, as this is the sound they hear and associate it with. Fascinating. His favourite word is “outside” as he cannot wait to get outside the moment he wakes up in the morning. Guess we just live in the right country for that 🙁 The sandpit finally arrived on Monday and I was keen on playing with him in it this weekend. Despite the unsteady weather we went for a fantastic walk, played in the sandpit for a while, and went to the swimming pool.

As of my post the other day about food and life (or life and intention and food), I am working hard on my personal development and improvement of my energy levels. I have the feeling that I make a lot of progress given the little time and sleep (regeneration) I have at the moment. Hence my progress seems to accelerate all the time with my regeneration and hours of sleep improving. Does that make sense?

St-Pauls-Cathedral.jpgOn that note, Rohan started to slowly but surely move himself using his arms. He just turned 3 months! A strong boy, less weight than Colin though at his age. So it looks like we are blessed with another energy bundle but quieter, lol. He is great. For a baby I really enjoy having chats with him, e.g. when Colin was that age I didn’t really know what to do. One grows up so much oneself by having children, hence I started the new column “precious moments“.

I guess those were the highlights of the week. Our solicitors threw a party in the Shakespeare theathre opposite St. Paul’s cathedral. Nice to say the least.

Our friends from Essex visited on Sunday and little Katie & Colin had a great laugh. It is great to watch your children engaging with other kids the same age. A lot of fun. At the aforementioned party I ran into two mums and we ended up discussing babies and kiddies all night. Life has definitely changed 🙂 I am getting old, lol.

I hope you have a great week yourself and things are good for you whereever you are. For the future I’ll try to post more often, to share a lot more insights about personal development and progress from an energy point of view. And of course the life of a family man.

Keep looking. The answer is out there.


Sunday Column (62)

Sometimes weeks just pass. And sometimes you don’t even realise they do. My week was driven by this weekend. Chilling out, a massage and going out for diner. I was so looking forward to it.

Work seemed almost secondary, but kept me very much on my feet with long hours in front of my laptop and blackberry. I went to Internetworld, caught up with many friends, networked and established new relationships. I had a few conference calls, meetings and …. half a day off on Friday 🙂

Yes, it was my birthday. I am now officially 33 and getting old. Mid-life crisis I guess. Still no lottery win and still a mortgage, but hey, I am healthy, fit and happy. With my boy and wife, we spent a fantastic afternoon. Colin starts standing himself now, at least a bit, and he soon will get the hang of “high five” 🙂 I just have to be patient.

I decided this week, that I will look more into productivity at the workplace. After reading and visiting the seminar of GTD (getting things done), I thought to myself that I already knew 90% of it before I read the book. With my NLP skills and my enthusiasm for efficiency and effectiveness, I decided I will develop my own seminar series. All in the name of cb consulting of course. So watch this space.

Now, there was my birthday this week too. Thanks for all the wishes. I have to say, and this is not meant in any negative way, that I didn’t feel like having a birthday. Maybe it is because you are happier with your son’s birthday, or other people’s birthday, but for the first time in my life, I really wasn’t bothered about the birthday at all. Ach well, we still had a great day and went to the London Aquarium. We wanted to do that for ages!

Besides the aquarium, we also went to London Borough Market. I got some lovely smelly cheese, some olives and the wife got herself some nice beers. It was great and we got home very late. Apologies to anyone who tried phoning Friday night.

Saturday I had a massage which was really important. My back is aching and I desperately need to do something about it. Afterwards I met a great friend for lunch, and later at night my wife took me out for some Greek food whilst our neighbour was watching Colin. A perfect weekend I find.

The weather changed dramatically on Saturday night: rain and clouds. So Sunday we spend the day doing what you do: shopping, visiting friends, playing with Colin and trying to avoid the rain 😉

That is really it. Colin is teething and hence he is not in the best mood. But he stood himself this week, surely he will be walking before we know it. He also got his kilt, pictures can be found on Facebook.

With the bank holiday on Monday and a very busy week ahead, I hope you having a good night. We will have a cheese fondue with a nice bottle of wine. We have been naughty food and drink wise this weekend, but we truly enjoying it too 🙂


Sunday Column (56)

Another week full of virus or flu or bug – I am getting seriously fed up. I just hope it gets better, but hey – it can’t get worse. Really, just today I noticed that I got better. I still feel weak, and all the DIY over the weekend didn’t help, but it needed to be done.

It was a busy week on top of it. But it was good busy if that makes sense.

One of the highlights was me speaking at an event from King’s College London on Online Reputation Management. Presentation below.

I really enjoy speaking and engaging with students and sharing my knowledge with them. And, according to the feedback, they did too! One of my aims is to work part time as a lecturer for digital marketing, or a running a course on inbound marketing. Something along those lines would be great! That would be, if I had the time of course 🙂

The other, and main highlight is Colin: my wee man is now properly moving forward and gets better by the day. He was poorly too but recovered now. Did I mention he spewed on his new car seat and in the new car. Never mind…..

It is a joy to see him growing up and my wife is documenting every move with her camera, which is even better. If we are friends on Facebook or you do receive our updates, then you know what I mean. He is VERY cute (although I totally understand me being biased 😉 ).

I am trying to work out a new schedule too – on the one hand I have more work, and that will lead me to stay in the office longer hours than before. However, on the other hand, I would like to spend more time with Colin. A dilemma that is not too easy to be solved. One way I believe is to go home early and then do more work once he has gone to bed. An alternative is to see him in the morning and possibly not going in until 9:30 but not to see him at night. I am still debating, and whenever you ask someone experienced, the answer is “see him in the morning because you never know when you get home”. Guess they are right.

Guess this is enough for another Sunday. I am feeling, as mentioned, much better, and hopefully I will be back to normal within the next few days. I have a busy week ahead, and I am looking forward to it!

Have a good one too,

Sunday Column (55)

Ok, I am feeling better. So I stay positive and tell you that, after three weeks, I am now ready to go back to the gym on Monday, feel better and hopefully stay healthy for a while.

That said, Colin has been sick for a few days with temperature and being whiny, not eating etc. Probably a mix of him getting more teeth and having a virus. Shame that we cannot tell him that things are going to be better. So lots of cuddles, calpol and patience is the way forward. Bless him.

My work is going well. I had many meetings this week and things are moving in the right direction. So this is all good.

What else happened? I ask this question every week 🙂 Monday I worked late, whilst Tuesday I went home early to babysit whilst my wife went out for a few drinks. However, I ended up working till late at home.

Wednesday we had a preparation meeting for a talk on Online Reputation Management at King’s College London. Next Thursday I am speaking about Inbound Marketing for online reputation management for students. Of course I will put my presentation here and on Slideshare.

Thursday I went to Tai Chi after a two week break and really enjoyed it. Tai Chi, a glass of wine afterwards and you sleep like a baby 🙂 It is so relaxing and comforting…..anyway 🙂

At the weekend we were hoping to get some stuff done around the house. Whilst ironing took very long, I discovered a few rusty bits on the car. So I ended up covering them up. Then I spoke to a few good friends from Germany.

Whilst my wife wanted to sow some grass in the garden we discovered that two fence panels didn’t survive the winter. So we got rid of them and the Christmas tree that didn’t survive the cold either. However, even our new car is too small to transport 5ft by 6ft panels, so we get them delivered next week. In the meantime we have a fence that looks like a giant’s smile with some teeth missing – if that makes sense.

Overall a good weekend. Less activities due to Colin’s bad health but still a nice Mother’s Day Sunday.

Have a good week.

Sunday Column (54)

This week was nothing but SICK. I went to work on Monday, went to a (honestly) small birthday party on Monday night and was home and in bed by 11 pm. From Tuesday I was off work for two days with a stomach bug. Thursday and Friday I forced myself to work, as my boss has been in the UK. It was worth it but I needed this weekend to recover and trying to get back to normal.

I have been sick for three weeks, and it really annoys me. I know there is little I can do but I really get sick of it! And, it is not one illness. Starting with a virus, then a cold, now a stomach bug.

Colin: he is continue to strive. I love his cute little actions and interactions. It is so hard to describe. He is so curious about anything and everything. He cuddles you one minute, then cries because he cannot play with your Blackberry cover, and then he grabs Jen’s glasses. If I put on her glasses, then he almost doesn’t recognize me. His age is fantastic. You can play around with him and teach him so many things.

The picture above is such a typical one of him. I believe it is hard to describe, but anyone who has children knows what they are like. I think that I still have to find the right work-Colin balance, as most days my days go way beyond 6 pm, so that I don’t really see Colin at all during the week. Whilst I am trying to make an effort to come home earlier two days a week, this might look less likely in the future. We shall see.

That is about all I can speak about this week, unless you want me to go on about sickness and work. No, not a pleasant week, but next week can only get better 🙂

Have a great week and stay healthy. Look after yourself.

Sunday Column (53)

Another week being ill. It was a struggle this week as my cold (man-flu) seemed to get worse rather than better. Of course I survived but had some very tough days. Also seemed to have another stomach bug over the weekend, nothing serious but just not feeling right. Will that EVER stop 🙁

I stop moaning now, but cannot help it, can I? I haven’t been to they gym at all but was surprised to only have 100 kg on the scales. Maybe not eating all these greasy meat really made me loose some weight? Hopefully I can be back to the gym sometime next week.

Work wise this week flew past. Although a few meetings got postponed, we made huge progress and I am very pleased with it. Fingers crossed, I really enjoy it.

There is not much else to report from the week. I didn’t do much else outside work. However, Volvo Doves Croydon, our car dealer where we bought the car, pissed me off by not offering me the warranty they said they would. I escalated things and now got a 12 months warranty as promised. Still to hear about my promised 12 months RAC membership 🙂 I decided to wait until Monday lunchtime for them to call me back. However, I will have a nice blog post ready by then, and of course will make sure their parent company and Volvo will get a copy. I don’t like to be lied to. And, I expect better customer standard than that from an authorized dealer. Maybe my expectations are just too high.

Maybe some words about my wee man: Colin. He has been loosing weight, or really, he has been growing a lot. He is robbing around on the floor, still backwards. He is so much fun to play with, to look at or just to watch. He manages to move from one end of the room to another without any trouble but still needs to figure out how to crawl forward. He got stuck under the table today. The only drawbacks at the moment is him trying to wiggle himself out of getting dressed, changed and washed. He can be a real pain – but a lovely one of course. We really adore our wee man!

Then it was Jen’s birthday this weekend. We managed to get a friend to babysit so that we went to our most favourite Thai place in Beckenham. Jen also went for a head massage and pedicure and got a surprise present. I am getting better at this whole birthday things, I think anyway 🙂 We had a really good weekend, and enjoyed time together, although she didn’t feel too good either.

Off to another week. It is raining a lot and with the earthquakes and all you sometimes wonder about global warming. Or we don’t really, do we?

Sunday Column (52)

Now, this is the year’s anniversary of my Sunday Column. Times have changed in my blog and currently I only manage this weekly post to keep you up to date with what I am doing, nor not doing.

Like this week, I was ill. Saturday night’s food poisoning turned out to be a virus infection I didn’t get rid of until Thursday. So no gym! And, once it was gone, I got a cold or man-flu. So I am glad the week went quickly.

The days I went to work were fully packed with good and exciting meetings, SES London where our CEO spoke about mexad’s view on search and display media, and a full day home office packed with many calls. I think I almost managed to catch up on most things on Friday – so I finished the week on a high.

There wasn’t much private life this week. We got (or I got) more accessories for the car, like a car boot liner, floor mats, paint, leather cleaner, a cloth and an air freshener. Not overly exciting but I am. I have to say that for the first time ever, I really like the car we are driving.

Saturday I had a fantastic massage. The first in over 2 months as I had been too busy the last few weekends. So that was good, just to lay down, relax and not worry about anything. I think it helped my cold too.

A year of Sunday Columns makes you reflect a bit. 2009 was a very bumpy year and whilst I had lots of time to write on my blog, I now have less time and another focus on life in general. Colin wasn’t here last year either.

He is now over 8 months and explores new things every day. I hope to have some time to write yet another review of being a dad. It is fantastic to see him grow, minute by minute almost! He is so curious, interested and likes the engagement with his parents, a whole lot of fun being around him.

The weekend passed quickly with a new business opportunity, a nice French wine from the Lirac region, a trip to Faversham, an average fuel consumption of approximately 16 l/100 km (18 mpg) for the last tank, a wife that loved parking the car and we also visited an old neighbour. Guess that is enough for a weekend.

We now have some clearing up to do, some food to eat, more wine to drink and…you know, the usual 🙂

Have a good week.

Sunday Column (50)

Ok folks, first things first. The big question this week was whether, and if so, which car to get. And the winner is:

I feel like I am getting all family. Married, house, child, now a VOLVO 🙂 Neither my dad nor me, and he is the biggest Volvo fan in the world, would have ever thought I ever drove one. But here we go, family does change you….for the better of course.

What else happened this week (as if the above wasn’t enough)?

Monday I went back to the gym. I continued to do that every day, but Wednesday I was too knackered from the day before, and Friday my knee hurt too much. I overdid it on the cycling machine ;-( I know, laugh at me, but any circular movement to my knee seems to hurt the ligaments. I need to check with my physio massage therapist next week.

Tuesday and Wednesday just passed by. I didn’t do much this week after work, just had good meetings, one of which lasted 10 minutes, and I believe that we are making progress. Slower than expected but quicker than anticipated – if that makes any sense.

Thursday I started the day with a fab meeting and ended the day with drinks and networking. However, although (and I promise) I only had 3 pints, two ales and one stout, I felt like I had about 10 lager the next day. You know that I cannot drink lager to some intolerance, and I thought it might be down to whether the beer was over or under fermented. Stout, Ale and dark beers should be ok, but maybe the one beer I had, a very dark one, was a “Schwarzbier” and not a Stout. Never mind, I don’t in particular like beer anyway.

Friday we finished the day with some nice finger food (and it still smells of home made garlic mayonnaise) where we shared a nice bottle of Californian Zinfandel I bought in Harrods a few years back. Money well spend on this one 😉 I don’t believe how much of a connoisseur I have become on one hand, then still going on about intolerance to beer on the other. Guess life is for sharing 😉

Last but not least I bought an audio book of the book I read a few years back: “Eckhart Tolle, The power of now” – I will write an exclusive post on that but thought I mention that this book is both fascinating and helpful. Sometime I do worry what we are all worrying about….

Enough said, have a great week ahead, mine looks fairly busy!