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Sunday Column (26)

I am writing this column now for half a year. Honestly, this is my favourite blog entry each week, as I can write what I think and don’t have to come up with awkward content, or need to do research. This is truly from my heart πŸ™‚

I find that life gets back in a routine with work getting busy and me spending evenings with the family. I enjoy what I am doing and there are many things that I still need to get used to. It has only been short of 8 weeks, and patience is just not my virtue. But, overall, I am very happy with what I do – both in work and private life!

Thanks to my wife we finished the living room renovation this weekend. It looks so much better and I will put up some pictures soon. We changed some furniture around too and gained more space. Really worth the effort, and without my patient wife, there would have been no way we could have done it. Thank you honey!

Back to my week. Every time I take earlier trains, the train gets cancelled. This time due to overcrowding. Something that is totally normal in London and I just don’t understand how the train system works here. The trains are old, too heavy for the tracks and always too full. Not the most pleasant nor reliable form of transport, but I guess one just has to get one with it.

Then, this week’s shopping was horrendously expensive. It was more than double from last week, and the main difference was, that we didn’t buy online. I have to say, going into Tesco and looking around for offers, 2 for 1 or multipacks of diapers, toilet paper or whatever the case might be, does add up. We spent so much on our weekly shopping, that I will go back to online shopping for at least 3 out of 4 times a month! It really saves you pennies.
Even if we get out the recession, and interestingly enough Germany, France and Japan have been out already, there is no need for panic buys or stocking up πŸ™‚ Note to myself: be sensible!

Wednesday I had my final appointment in the hospital about the water deprivation test and the MRI scan I had 3 weeks ago. And the results came back to be totally normal. Nothing wrong with my head, physically anyway, and that I go to the loo more than average or that I might have a slight high sodium level in my blood that could suggest Diabetes Insipidus, might just be normal too. And, as long as I don’t have it influencing my life in a negative way, there is nothing I should worry about. Good news at last.

Colin Ballueder Aug09There is nothing else happening at the moment. I enjoy being around the boy more and more. He starts to give me smiles and interacts with me. Just whilst I am typing this, he is sitting in his swinging chair and smiles and “talks” to me. It is just great πŸ™‚ Of course, there is still a lack of sleep, and whilst my wife is doing all night shifts, I still wake up. But, one gets used to it and people say, things will get better. Just the first 8 weeks are hard…..Colin is now 10 weeks old πŸ™‚

Next weekend is bank holiday weekend here in the UK, we are off on Monday and I am also off on Friday. This gives me a nice 4 day break to spend some quality time with friends, my wife and my boy. I cannot wait for it. However, prior to this, there is lots of work that needs to be done. Another big deadline on Wednesday.

Have a great week ahead.
Love and Kindness to you all,

Sunday Column (23)

I don’t want to start again with how quickly time is flying. So let me express it another way – I don’t believe it is Sunday – again. And, it is August already!

Ok, I stop, here is my weekly wrap up: I truly enjoy my new job. It has been 4 weeks and I am getting to the “busy” state. That is the state where I like to be, however I hope it won’t get too much busier for a while. One step at a time πŸ˜‰ But in all honesty, it is great. The company has great people to work with and I had my first client meeting on Friday which I thought was great too, because we can offer so many things in and around digital!

Anyway, it is weekend. On Thursday I had an MRI scan – that means my head was put in a tube and they scanned it magnetically. It gives you a cool 3D image of your head and the doctor can tell you whether anything is wrong with you. Which, from the first results, there isn’t. Without going into much more detail, some of my blood test results in March showed a high level of sodium (salt basically) and they have been testing me ever since for Diabetes Insipidus. That means, in a nutshell, that I might pass more water than average and feel more thirsty than average, because my body cannot store water as well as “normal” bodies. And, whilst this can be very normal and nothing to worry about, it could be a tumour in my head pressing on a gland that produces hormones – which it isn’t and that is why I had this MRI scan. It is the same gland that produces the growth hormone, so maybe nothing to worry about πŸ˜‰ On a serious note I get all the results in 2 weeks time and even if there was a problem, it is nothing serious. Thank Buddha.

Ok, enough bad news, here come some good news. You remember that last Sunday I donated all my loose change to the Guidedog Charity? They confirmed it was Β£243.90 I donated. It makes me very happy to see that this money can make a difference to such a great charity. guidedogs So if you haven’t found a charity to donate for, then I can recommend to do so on the guidedog charity website.

Also, whilst talking about charities, work encourages us to take part in Tacheback, part of the Everyman Male Cancer Charity, which seems to be part of Cancer Research UK, raising awareness for male cancers by growing a moustache in September, plus a few more challenges so you can raise money. I keep you posted closer the time, but I think that is something I would like to participate in.

On Saturday our food processor arrived. We decided for a compact design and an unbeatable price πŸ™‚ Not only can Jenny now make fresh food for our wee boy, but I can also make some Reibekuchen or Kartoffelpuffer with my home grown potatoes.

reibekuchen I found a recipe here, which suggests to add eggs and “Haferflocken” – by the way you can translate them as “Potatoe Pancakes” but they are not potatoe scones but more of a flat roesti. Coming back to the recipe, I wasn’t aware and would not add Haferflocken, e.g. oatmeal, but would try some eggs. Here we go:

* 600 g Kartoffeln (tatties, homegrown are best :-))
* 2 Zwiebeln (onions)
* 2 Eier (eggs)
* 3 EL Haferflocken (oatmeal)
* Salz, nach Geschmack (add some salt, depending on taste)
* Γ–l oder noch besser Butterschmalz (oil or better clarified butter)

What else did we do? Clemens and Katie came by and visited us on Saturday. We went for lunch and then they headed back to Germany. It was good to see them, it really has been a while since we all had time to catch up.

Sunday was a challenge. Without really having too much sleep and my wife starting to paint our living room ceiling, I was left with the boy. I managed alright, although did not get as much other things done as I wanted. I love him to bits but he takes up a lot of time. Ach well, there is always next weekend πŸ™‚

Roll on another week, more painting I hope so we can put laminate in the living room too. That is the ultimate aim, to renovate the living room and make the house a proper home.

We are giving away – or selling – a comfy chair and possibly a futon. The latter is still to be decided. And possibly a TV since we want to get more space by mounting a flat screen on the wall.

Anyway, you will get pictures and updates as we go along. I don’t expect it all to be finished before September/October anyway.

Have a good week.

Sunday Column (22)

What an exciting week. My second full week in my new job and I am getting busy. Slowly but surely I am getting to a routine and getting things done. New leads, new friends and more fun. I am loving it! Really!!!

So what have I been doing outside work?

Monday was Hansel and Gretel’s first birthday. At night I went to a friend’s place and taught him some basic SEO techniques. Luckily he stopped me after 3 hours as I would have carried on, just scratching the surface of Social Media. Just by explaining others what I know, I notice how much I enjoy the idea of search and performance marketing in general. I always thought I wanted to change topics within the industry at some point and look into a more technology based products but I guess the “search fever” has taken over and I feel very comfortable and happy within this field. And, I am still learning daily!

The rest of the week just flew by. I feel tired, exhausted and run down. Because of the swine flu I am paranoid that it might be it but probably it is just tiredness paired with exhaustion. Basically sleeping 5 hours on average every night and not having weekends to catch up on sleep wears you down. They say that after 6 weeks babies get easier and sleep more. Fingers crossed. Still, my wife is the one who gets out at night, and I find it remarkable how she copes with that. I love her very much!

Saturday was very productive. I dug up a bucket (!) full of potatoes and about a dozen onions. potatoesIt is a great feeling to harvest what you grew yourself. It is great to know that you can grow enough food to survive. Maybe not this year though πŸ™‚ However, the carrots never grew properly, the remaining salad got too wet and didn’t look good. So the only things still growing are the courgettes and the broccoli. And, funny enough, tomatoes which I never planted in the first place. Very weird. Our beans are still trying to grow too but it doesn’t look too good πŸ™ We are getting lots of raspberries though.
I hope I take enough learning from that and plant less potatoes next year and give the carrots more space and light. Also, the garlic didn’t prosper, so I guess we need to buy some of our ingredients this winter.

To finish off a good a good day, and the warmest for 3 weeks, we had a BBQ at our neighbours. That was great, lots of vegetables and meat and wine πŸ™‚

On Sunday I donated a good amount to the guide dog charity. Why did I do that?
It is simple, we have a little Buddhist shrine where we donate little things, food (rice for example), water and money. shrine The latter we donate in 5 pounds steps, e.g. 5 gold coins. We have collected money for over 2 years and I donated money for my job hunt, for the health of my baby and my wife’s health, and so on. However, we thought, being so happy and feeling so fortunate in life, that we should take the money and donate it for a good cause.

Guide dogs is a charity that obviously helps blind people in two ways. Firstly it helps them getting around in everyday life but also it gives blind people a comrade and friend. I feel very strong about that because blindness is something I believe is very hard to cope with. So we felt very strong about donating that money towards this charity.

Also, we managed to speak to our neighbours who are harassed and bullied by some other neighbours in the street for wanting to get a planning submission for a new home. The plan does not seem too bad to me and I believe that if there is enough space that people should be able to build the home they like. Maybe we can help them achieving just that. So we wrote a letter to the council supporting their planning application. Hopefully not too late!

We also managed to say hello to one of our old neighbours. She is 93 and it was lovely to see her holding little Colin. I remember when we lived above her about 3 years ago. When she found out I was German, she wouldn’t talk to me for days because she got bombed out several times in the 2nd world war. It took some of my charm to convince her that I am not that bad and we are friends now. She was delighted to see the boy, my wife and even me! Bless her.

Next week shall be interesting, as I continue with some more tests in hospital on Thursday. Fingers crossed that is the final stretch of consultants to see.

Have a good week, be safe!

Sunday Column (21)

Time seems to fly, doesn’t it? I keep saying that every week.

This was my first full week at my new job and I really enjoy it. I believe it is the first job change where I change within my expertise, working in the field of Search Marketing, Social Media and Digital. And, I really enjoy my new colleagues, the office, the work, just everything.

On Tuesday I was supposed to meet a friend in Soho. I tried finding him, but instead I ended up in a studio where they did some nude paintings. Not that I minded, but was kind of confused. Guess that is Soho for you, you never know what’s behind the next door. Unfortunately, I never found my friend who I still believe was the model πŸ™‚

On Thursday I noticed my progress in Tai Chi after practicing almost every day. I have been getting into a routine to do a 10 minute practice session every morning before I go to work. Not on Thursday though. I slept in and only got up a 7.44, leaving me 20 minutes to catch my train. Luckily my neighbour gave me a lift and I made it in time. I only slept in 2 days in my life and surely that is the last thing I wanted to do in my first day at my new work.

On Friday for lunch I met a good friend for a catch up and at night I met another friend of mine in the Hospital Club. If I say friend this is due to us knowing each other for over 2 years, however, never really had the chance or time to sit down and just chat. And we did just that on Friday and it was really good. And, as he didn’t drink alcohol, I didn’t drink either, ending up with lots of Apple Mint drinks. Very enjoyable night.

Saturday got us some more “baby visitors”. Our friends from Essex came over and we spent a lovely day in Beckenham, having pints and food in the Ye Ole George. Colin behaved himself most of the time and honestly, I just felt knackered after an afternoon in town.

I seem to be coming down with a cold or something. Of course I am paranoid that it is the Swine Flu, but that might just me thinking that because it is all over the news. My throat is a bit sore and I could sleep a lot.

My wife luckily does most night shifts with the boy and I am left with the “just before bed” feed. However, I just don’t seem to get enough sleep and with the weather being poorly, muggy and me feeling too warm and uncomfortable, I just seem to be worn out. That is of course only temporary. They say after 6 weeks, e.g. end of next week, babies are getting quieter and I hopefully get some better nights sleep. I probably shouldn’t complain, it could be a lot worse, but guess being tired just makes you moan πŸ™‚ The boy is really great and gets more interactive by the day. Really enjoying it!

Sunday, as of above, was just chilling out. We had to do some stuff in the house and sort some bits and bobs. But that was it really.

Have a great week. The weather isn’t suppose to get much better, but enjoy the British summer anyway πŸ™‚

Sunday Column (19)


This week’s column might be a bit shorter. Purely because this week was my first week off since I got made redundant a few weeks ago. I had in total about 20 meetings with recruitment consultants, friends, companies and quite a few interviews amongst them. At the end, I took an offer from a company that will focus on the area I have been working on, heading their Business Development efforts. I will start with them as early as next week and finalised everything early this week. Watch my Linkedin Profile for the update on where I am going if you haven’t already found out πŸ™‚

I am very much looking forward going back to work. Whilst it means to leave the boy at home with the wife and not seeing him as much, I might get away with changing nappies and feeding him during the day. Might mean more night shifts πŸ™ Anyways, I love my job, working and my career. So cannot wait to dig my heels in again and get going!

With the decision being made on Monday this week, I didn’t do much the rest of the week. I tried getting a blackberry for my private account but need to wait 2 months in order to get a better deal as my contract runs out then. So I have to be patient. My wife is glad me not checking my emails all the time but I have to say that I am a bit addicted to it.

In the anticipation of the arrival of my parents for the weekend and my mother in law for early next week, we managed to clean and tidy the house. We got so many presents and cards and will send out individual thank you cards over the next weeks. However, we are very grateful for all the generosity we encountered and the love we received on behalf of our boy. It has been truly amazing!

Regarding nappies: we had to buy a 2nd bin for outside. With foxes being around and bin bags not being an option, we are now one of the few houses having two bins. And, that means our take aways we had this week could all go into the bin too πŸ™‚ We have been lazy cooking and lazy doing anything, really taking time with the boy this week. It is our holiday really – just with less sleep.

On Thursday I met a friend I haven’t seen for a while. It was good to catch up with her and thank you for coming all the way to Beckenham in order to meet us. She now lives in Chicago and it has been a while. Time always seems to fly and I would have enjoyed to have her for diner and a few drinks as well, but her time was limited too. I guess I need to fly to Chicago sometime.

Thursday night I went out with my friend from Tai Chi, recovered Friday and my parents arrived just after lunch. They brought nice “Knochenschinken” and white asparagus. A typical German meal I didn’t have for a while. So enjoyed that.

The weekend passed quickly so far. My mother in law arrived on Sunday and we having a BBQ as we speak and I better get back to turn the chicken satay my wife made. We love our family and having them around for cooking, BBQs and days out. We went to see the Downs House of Charles Darwin yesterday. However, I cannot wait to get back in a routine without visitors, a job and I assume my wife is glad to see me out of the house again from next week.

Wish me all the luck, expertise and fun in my new job! I am looking forward to a new challenge!


Sunday Column (18)

Another week? Not a normal week, that is for sure. Monday I spent all day preparing for a big presentation on Tuesday. That presentation went really well, showing off my knowledge about incorporating SEO, PPC and Social Media in Business Development/Marketing: my topic, my passion! That was good and the feedback was good too.
Another couple of companies and recruitment consultants got back to me and it was all looking good for offers, opportunities and future job offerings. Given the recession, I have done well securing interviews and offers. Now, fingers crossed.
However, nothing was decided early this week. Wednesday through to Friday I spent waiting. Waiting for 2 things: Jobs of course but, almost more important, waiting to understand my boy.

Colin decided to get louder, more noisy and grumpy. Oh dear, whilst it is totally normal, we didn’t know what to do. We had a health visitor around who gave us a great introduction on what they do and how they monitor babys’ progress. I should mention the health visitor came as a routine and not because Colin got louder! There is great support for children and families here in the UK. Also we had someone around that solely looks after breast feeding mums. That was helpful too. Overall, Colin is more awake, needs more attention and just takes up more time. Difficult to hold him and do work or write blogs at the same time, but we are coping πŸ˜‰

So overall this week was all about our wee boy. Getting an understanding of his needs and wants and see how much we need to feed him, what kind of food (bottle or breast) and if he is ok. Because you are worrying if he does not settle at all. Hence it is good to get advice on what to do and the support scheme here in the UK is fabulous. It might be better in other countries, but for what we need, I am very surprised how good it is. At least I know my taxes and NI are well spent … at least in some areas.

Bottle or breast? That decision is really with the mother, mainly because she is the “main feeder“. However, whilst men always want women to breast feed, I think it is important to take the mother into consideration as well. This article from KindsHealth says “The AAP says babies should be breastfed exclusively for the first 6 months. Beyond that, the AAP encourages breastfeeding until at least 12 months, and longer if both the mother and baby are willing.” That is in an ideal world. The quality of breast milk, they say, is better for the baby and will avoid some allergies in the future. And, by using formula, “be assured that your baby’s nutritional needs will be met“.
So feeding formula is nothing to worry about, probably less to worry about for the mum because she knows how much milk she gives to her baby. This is an ongoing discussion we have, and many other parents I was speaking to, and it comes down to personal choice, and the mother’s feeling. After all her sanity and her well being are as important as the baby’s needs. So I support my wife in whatever she decides to do.

Enough about that – could write a whole blog post about it. My paternity leave ended this Friday. However, I took Monday and Tuesday off as well. Reason is that I hope to sort out my job situation for the 6th of July and not return to my current work at all. But, without official confirmation, I don’t want to blog about it yet.

Friday night we had some friends around and with the muggy weather watered down our thirst with wine, whisky and had some pizza. Saturday and Sunday really flew past, and I had great moments with my boy. I really appreciate the time I can take at the moment to see him grow up and everyone warns me that this time never comes around again. Of course it doesn’t but will I realise it in time.

Have a good week next week and I keep you posted on the job situation.

Jenny, Volker, Colin Ballueder

Sunday Column (17)

This week was overwhelming. What should I say?

I cut down on the interviews a bit because I really want to enjoy the time with my wee boy. He is growing so quickly and is VERY cute! We decided to put pictures online and on Facebook but not making them all publicly available. So please contact me or my wife if you want to see some more.
Monday night was a hail storm. I put pictures of that on Facebook too. Crazy weather for early June, I have to say!

Tuesday we went back to hospital. Colin was diagnosed with over 10% weight loss (10.7%) and jaundice. Both are relatively normal and after many tests and endless waiting in the hospital, we got the “all ok” stamp. Jenny needed to stay in hospital with the boy and I went home. However, after we had such a good experience with the hospital, Princess Royal in Farnborough, we were highly disappointed with this stay. Each midwife said something different, confusing the new mother and father, stressing us out and pushed us beyond our comfort zone. I would have expected more empathy, care and respect from professional midwifes. Some midwifes even admitted that their colleagues are “bad“. Anyhow, we are home again, and we are happy again and wee Colin is well. He is eating a lot and already has put on a lot of weight. I so love him!

This episode resulted in me taking the decision to cancel another meeting with a recruitment consultant. I have to say that there are very good ones out there that really care about you and the job you want to get into. Some just ignore you, don’t care and play with you, knowing you might be desperate to find a job. I am not overly, so got really annoyed with some. One of the biggest agencies in our industry, didn’t even manage to get back to me although I applied to 2 jobs, phoned twice, and added them on instant messenger. Funny enough they have a few jobs going I was put forward through other agencies. Really bad. Once I have found a job, I might just write a bit about my experience and tell you which recruitment consultants are good and which ones I did not like πŸ™‚

Thursday and Friday we managed to chill out a bit and prepare the house for the arrival of my mother in law. She arrived late Friday and we had a really good time. 3 generations in one little house for a weekend. What a brilliant time we had.

The amount of presents we got is overwhelming. People are so generous and caring. This is so fantastic. Thank you all so much for your pressies and cards. We will respond asap.

Colin on Fathers Day
Colin on Fathers Day

Besides the immense time I am spending during my paternity leave to help Jenny and little Colin, I still go for interviews. This is a shame but needs to be done, e.g. I am very thankful to have the opportunity to get interviewed by great companies and hope to have a new position soon. I keep you posted. Hopefully, once I have a decision, I can take another week off – just for the family.

On my Balamadana project, the blog I write with the Buddhist monk, I wanted to give you an update. Marcelo who was a monk when I met him and then left his monk hood in London, and we then started the blog to write about Buddhism and Management. He now decided to go back and become a monk again, he is being re-ordained in Brazil. I am very very happy for him and think it is a great step for him and he will truly enjoy it. Unfortunately, this means the project Balamdana will be on hold for a while and I am thinking if I continue there or continue to introduce a Buddhist column into this blog. I keep you posted.

Wish me luck for next week. Fingers crossed and I keep you posted.

Love and Happiness from all of us,

Sunday Column (16)

This week was a week of waiting. And it was worth waiting for!

My patience was stretched, far too stretched for my liking. But with the tube strike there were no more interviews this week and with the imminent arrival of our son, there was little scope to commit to any either. So they have been re-scheduled for next week, fingers crossed!

So this week was focused on one thing – BABY πŸ™‚

And, he arrived, much much quicker than anticipated. On Friday, just after 3 pm in the afternoon, Colin Ballueder arrived. 3.7 kg heavy and 53 cm long – nothing compared to his dad who was 3.9 kg and 57 cm but that is a few years ago :-). He big shoes to fill, although his feet are rather out of proportion already (which of course he got from his mum).

To have a baby is difficult to describe. It still feels unreal although my wife is sitting over at the couch now and trying to feed him. It is overwhelming, nothing like you ever thought how it would happen. It all went very quick at the end and we didn’t expect him until earliest 6 pm but then he decided to come out much quicker. That was a relief for his mother. In total we “only” spend a little less than 19 hours prior to the birth in hospital – not too bad actually πŸ˜‰ And, the “act of him coming out” was only around 30-45 minutes. The waiting is really the hardest part.

Colin has spent his first night at home and settled quite well. Some people call it attachment parenting, I call it comforting, and touching your baby. He wants to be held and hear you breathe, he wants to hear your heart beat.

So many people have emailed and called and send text messages. We are so grateful and thankful for his arrival and the amount of positive wishes for him, his mother and me.

If we look into history, then Colin was born on the same day as:

– John A. Roebling, bridge engineer (1806)
– Chick Corea, jazz pianist (1941)
– Egon Schiele, painter (1890)
– Anthony Eden, Earl of Avon, British statesman (1897)
– George H. W. Bush, president (1924)
– Harriet Martineau, writer and social crusader (1802)

Going by those people he could either be an engineer, artist, or politician. I still hope for basketball or rugby, but we shall see. It will be his decision one day to make up his mind what he wants to do.

Other things that happened on this day in time can be found at MSN Encarta. He is a Gemini as a star sign:

Geminis are thought to be quick-witted, intellectual, talkative, and mischievous. They value learning and may bore easily.

Oh dear, just the dad: talkative and mischievous πŸ˜‰ and intellectual as well (of course).

Being rather exhausted, I leave it with this update for today. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and I will have some interesting posts coming up next week about brain power and also about twitter. So stay tuned.

If you wish to see more pictures of Colin, please email us as we will have more personal ones protected in private album.

Thanks again for this great event, the wishes and the love.

Wish you all a nice week and myself a successful week.

Volker and family

Sunday Column (15)

Another week and a rainy weekend, at least most of Saturday and Saturday/Sunday night. Even some thunderstorm. Welcome to Britain.

At the time of me writing this blog entry there is no news from little Colin to come out. Jen had some acupuncture and we are hoping it speeds things up. We will have breaking news on this blog depending on the situation. Also, we will inform you via email and send first pictures. What an exciting but also stressful time!

This week was a busy interview week. With a flying start on Monday and 3 interviews on Thursday/Friday, I am now all interviewed out πŸ™‚ I hope that one of the interviews I had will lead to a job. Again, I keep you posted on the developments.

We got our Lombok sideboard exchanged. It had a big crack in the top piece and they exchanged it quickly and without asking too many questions. Their customer service is just great. So is their furniture. Nice to see that companies don’t cut down on customer service.

Our friends’ Volker & Tini had their wedding this weekend and we hope they had better weather than us. Shame we could not make it, as we so would have loved to be there. But with the due date being a day before the wedding, this just was not an option. I don’t want to say “see you next time”, but surely see you at the next occasion soon. Enjoy your honeymoon!

I spent Saturday morning visiting our old neighbour and then went to Waitrose. Their 4 for 3 or 8 for 6 offer on wine is very tempting. So I got into the wine buying rush and got a few bottles, then went to Oddbins and stocked up on the great stuff even more. As a result I re-organised my wine cellar (under the stairs) and noticed that I have about 60 bottles laying around, some of which exceed the proud price of Β£10, some the Β£20 and a few….never mind. I just really like my good wines and hope I can enjoy them more often again when the wee man is here.

So, a lazy lazy weekend. No CV writing, no interview preparation. Just a waiting game and lots of thoughts on my mind. Even the cats were lazy. I don’t think they moved all day. Pah…..

Then again I was active today. Pictures to follow, but we spent a small fortune on garden plants and dug up the garden once again and planted so many plants. It will look all nice flowery and green soon that I cannot wait to share some pictures!

Also, on Twitter, I finally cracked the 500 followers. That is good going.

Lets pray for some nice weather next week, the arrival of our boy and me finding a job.

Love and Happiness from our wee, greener and more flowery, place,

Sunday Column (14)

I am not sure why I label the columns, e.g. count the weeks. Who knows what it is good for. This week has been sunny. Whilst for some of your readers, e.g. Australia, this might not sound too uncommon, for the UK we had a pretty good week as far as the weather is concerned.

Monday was a very lazy bank holiday and Tuesday started with an interview. Wednesday was another interview and so was on Friday. So in total I had 3 interviews this week and have another 3 booked for next week and hope for follow ups from this week. Does that mean anything? Yes, I think it means that despite the recession there is work out there and that our industry, Online and Digital Marketing as well as Social Media, might be stagnating but not declining. So fewer jobs overall and more applicants per job. I just wrote two articles on careers in a recession for a new career blog I will tell you about soon!

For obvious reasons I cannot go into detail of any of the interviews but there are some very exciting opportunities out there!
Enough about my job hunt. My office mate found a job and left me this week, so well done Mr C.! So it is only me left in our London office which, as you know, closes the end of July. I am feeling a tat lonely but will cope.

Has anything else dominated my life this week? Food – I know my wife will now complain that I put food over baby, but we had lovely BBQs, lovely lunches and a lovely party last night. Very good self made Cazik/Tzatziki. If you see a cloud over Beckenham, you know where it is coming from πŸ˜‰ Besides food, drinks appeared on the list of things I did this week. I went to “The Duke” which I will write about next week – a friend got lost too, but I’d rather keep that story for some other time!

Last, not least of course, we are in anticipation of Colin to arrive. Jen’s friend who said he would arrive on the 28th and then dreamt about it was wrong. Sorry G, we wish you had been right. Now, he could appear any day. Or not for another week. You never know and you cannot predict. You can see the little counter in the top right corner. Official date is Friday, 5th of June. But, he might be well overdue and not appear for another 2 weeks. Who knows.

So that is really our week. Anticipation about interviews and anticipation of arrival of baby. Two things that shouldn’t go together but they do. The world is what you do with it and how you approach it. Reading some NLP books again and need to write more about it. There is still so much to learn, explore and live for!

I might write a bit more about spirituality, thoughts on personal development and of course NLP later this week. So watch this space.

Have a successful and peaceful week,