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Sunday Column (13)

Another week full of excitement. Where do I start? At the beginning I guess.

Besides a doctors appointment that started the week with some mixed feelings, I had a few meetings on Monday to find out more about my opportunities. As they say, “too many people are thinking of security instead of opportunity. They seem to be more afraid of life than death“, I found that one on Twitter. And, on Tuesday nothing changed. More meetings, a proper interview and a lot of input on different areas of online marketing. All very helpful, but I am not much closer to my decision on what I want to do. As often, if you are put in a situation like myself where you have to find a new job to make a living, you tempt to go into a survival mode to find a job instead of doing what you like. I try to avoid that and early on got myself lots of information on what I could do and therefore the interviews I had and the ones that are coming up are going into the right direction. More about it hopefully next week.

On Tuesday night I met a friend and we went back to the Thai place I liked. As always it was good to catch up and see what she is up to and how her business develops. Self-employment is still on the cards but I think that is something I can pursue later in life too. Not sure yet, but maybe it is too early?

I had to go back for another back massage on Wednesday. If you remember, I twisted my back when I had the man flu and ever since then I cannot straighten it 100% and it still hurts. My massage therapist says it takes up to 4 weeks to heal. No gym, no exercise, no heavy lifting.

On Thursday I managed to go to Tai Chi after I met a friend for lunch. Again, she had lots of useful inputs and useful things to tell me. Having a great network of friends and colleagues helps in times of these and beyond πŸ˜‰

Saturday (after a slow Friday) was great. Jen and I went to Bromley to buy a present for one of our friends who gave birth this week. We are getting very excited and it won’t be long until Colin Heinrich Ballueder will be amongst us. It is as if he is already there, engaged and all, ready to come out. However, he is not here yet but won’t be long πŸ™‚ Night time we spend with our neighbours and had a great BBQ. We could sit outside until after 10 pm although it was not too warm. We also had our first home grown radish and first home grown salad. Quite chuffed! If the link to the picture does not work, just go on my Facebook profile and see it there πŸ™‚

Now, today was another quiet day. Sitting and sleeping in the sun lounger, going for a walk and have another BBQ. We are very grateful to have a house, a garden and all what belongs to it. You sometimes forget how fortunate in life you are and then you need to take these 5 minutes and come back to where you are and remember yourself! For the BBQ we got ourselves some pork fillets and some big prawns. We might as well enjoy this bank holiday weekend. And, we should enjoy our time together until the little one arrives. Who knows, next week my update might come from the 3 of us.

Have a great bank holiday Monday and a successful week. Let’s hope that next week gets me closer to securing this job I always wanted!

Love and Happiness from us in Beckenham,

Sunday Column (12)

Time seems to fly quicker and quicker. It has been a few weeks now that I know about finding a new job and the input I am getting from conversations is good. But, so far I have nothing to report…..to the public anyway. But I keep you posted once there are new developments and progress. I have a couple more meetings next week, so keep your fingers and toes crossed.

This week was all about Social Media and Search Marketing. You read about my Inbound Marketing strategy and about the Social Media Summit. Next week I am going to review Viadeo and hopefully find time to write more about personal development and coaching. Also, I give you my views on telemarketing.

On Monday I went to York for some meetings. Tuesday I was booked all day with further conversations, meetings and discussions about my future. See above, I let you know if there is anything to report.

Wednesday I met a friend after work who I haven’t seen for a while. He was in London for an interview and although I only saw him for about 20 minutes before he had to catch his plane, it was so nice to see him. It so makes a difference to see people face to face! The night ended in a work night out before the summit with a few pints too many for a school night – at least for my liking.

The summit, see above, went well and finished with a great networking amongst the speakers in the Albannach in London. Not only do they have a fantastic Whisky collection, they also know how to make a very dry Martini, using Beefeater 24 πŸ™‚ As Hawkeye in M*A*S*H used to say “I’d like a dry martini, Mr. Quoc, a very dry martini. A very dry, arid, barren, desiccated, veritable dustbowl of a Martini. I want a Martini that could be declared a disaster area. Mix me just such a Martini.


On Friday I had some meetings with my staff in London before enjoying a well deserved weekend. Starting with the finale of the season of NCIS. A sad and interesting end that will give hope for a “new beginning”. I guess it is another 6 months until the next season comes out.

I also updated my CV to find the right Business Development position in London – so if you hear anything, please let me know. I think a start up or a branch of an existing company that opens an office in London and looks for someone to build their sales and marketing team is what I would truly enjoy. Check out my Linkedin Profile for references!

Also, we went baby sitting with our neighbours, I had a great back massage and good food all weekend. Fingers crossed the weather is nicer next week so that I can do some stuff in the garden. Rainy, cold and windy it was. However, after watching the new episodes of NCIS on Sky, I am tempted to get Sky now too…..it saves me waiting for 6 months ;-( (see above).

Let’s hope for a successful week, hopefully more face to face interviews – partly with some bigger companies that offer interesting opportunities. Maybe, it won’t be a start up after all…more soon.

Sunday Column (11)

Another week….another cold.

This week was another week “under influence” but instead of a boozy week I had a week of hell with the man flu. Luckily it wasn’t the swine flu, although sometimes I was looked at quite strangely sneezing in the tube. Or, sitting in the office πŸ™ – no happy work colleagues. I also twisted my back but things are almost back to normal now….


Monday was bank holiday. We celebrated it with our neighbours with little to no alcohol and had fantastic food. Unfortunately, the weather was not nice enough to have a BBQ but it is only May.

Wednesday we had a scan of our little one and we found out that he had finally turned. Wow, he is getting ready to come out now and it won’t be long. A friend suggested the 28th of May, and she is the same one that knew my wife was pregnant before we did. So not long now!

Thursday and Friday I had great conversations about my new job. No, I have no new job yet and think it will take a while. I am in this “paddling” phase where I am looking at opportunities and possibilities and looking to see where I want to go and where to go to best. We shall see, but I have ideas…. Next week will hopefully be full of revelations. Keep your fingers and toes crossed.

On Saturday I finally got some time to myself. Jen and I re-arranged the living room a bit and cleaned the house. Tidied up the garden and got some things done we haven’t been able to do all week. Not sure where the time goes but it does go quickly, that is for sure.


Today was a nice day. I managed to have a lazy morning with the FT and a nice breakfast, superb lunch and cooking an Indian as we speak. A relaxing glass of vino and a quiet night in. I managed to cat nap after our Sunday walk for an hour on the couch πŸ˜‰ What a great day! Maybe I am getting set in my ways after all.

Have a good week, I expect it to be exciting!

Sunday Column (10)

What a week this was!

It all started normally with a “normal” Monday which was just that: a Monday with all the highs and lows of a day. Due to my continuous knee pain I cannot go to the gym but will see a doctor about that next week again.

Tuesday the news was broken to me and my colleague that our company closes down the London office. Whilst I was given the option to go to York to work in our head office, this is not a good option for me. However, I will wait for the exact information to find out what package will be offered before I make any final decisions.

So from Wednesday it was all about tidying up my CV and sending it out to my network and contacting some Recruitment Consultants. It isn’t really the best time to be on the hunt for a new job. The economy is in a recession, our baby on its way, and it was my Birthday this week too. But, I guess there is only one way: forward; and I am confident to come out of it stronger than before.

Thursday and Friday were pre-booked holidays. It was my Birthday and I celebrated into it with my neighbour down in the Tapas Bar in Beckenham. Out of my Birthday was celebrated with my friends of my Tai Chi class.

On Thursday itself I finally found myself a nice new jacket which did not need any alteration. So it was all good. My wife took me to the Mandarin Oriental in London for a lovely lunch. That was fantastic and brought back all the lovely memories of our honeymoon. Thank you so much for the day.

Friday & Saturday: My Leibfuchs Volker from my German fraternity Franconia Darmstadt came up to London for his stag night. I arrived home again on Saturday night, after a pub crawl and London night clubs…..not really used to that anymore. Neither the boozing nor the late nights. But it was really enjoyable and I hope Volker and the boys enjoyed it too. They seemed like they did πŸ˜‰

Today I am chilling. Obviously polishing my CV, preparing things for the anticipation of next week. With the bank holiday tomorrow, this gives me plenty of time to be in top shape again on Tuesday.

Here is what I looked like today at our Sunday stroll through the park:

Volker Ballueder

I somewhat think it is going to be an exhausting night.

So, if you read that and have a position or know someone who does have a position as a Business Development Director or Manager, with responsibility for people, e.g. Head of Sales and Marketing or Team Leader in a larger organisation, please let me know. This position should be based in London. I am more than happy to look into country manager positions to start up a new VC backed company or helping a company to launch in Germany. So please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you and have a lovely Sunday night.

Sunday Column (9)

Wow. Time seems to be flying. Is it really Sunday again?

I need to re-cap my week. Monday was just a big catch up on things and sorting out schedules. Really, that was my whole day. Tuesday was an eye opening trip that made me think a lot about what to come. And, Wednesday and Thursday just flew past. Friday was great. A very enjoyable and productive day at work and my usual take away pizza – falling asleep on the sofa.

I feel like I am progressing in Tai Chi a lot and that my work life balance improves too. Why? Several reasons really. Firstly I started using a direct train from Beckenham to Farringdon. Saves me no time but the hassle of changing from tube to train which in the rush hour are heavily packed. However, it also means I leave the office 10 minutes earlier and have the feeling that I have a better cut between work and life. I don’t mind being on demand via blackberry all night anyway but with the nice weather it is great to get this flexibility, particularly since I start at 8 am anyway. So that is all good.

Secondly, my ipod gets me a lot of awesome podcasts, including innovative and managerial topics from top industry leaders. I really enjoy that. A really clever invention.

Also, which I think is the major part of my “new life” is the re-discovery of sports. Ever since I have been back to the gym on a regular 2x a week basis I feel much better. It not only gives me a “healthier” feel but also a good way of relaxing, de-stressing and calming down. That in combination with the podcasts which I listen to whilst exercising really help.

Now, on top of that we have met a lot of friends this week. Just yesterday we met with our neighbours and their almost 1 year old daughter and had a fab BBQ, a great time and lots to talk about. Today we had lunch with a great friend and had great chats. All that contributes to an almost perfect life.

I think these are my real thoughts at the moment. I am very happy. The summer is coming and all signs show that it seems to be a good year. How blessed am I?

Love and Kindness to you out there,

Sunday Column (8)

Another week! With Monday having been a bank holiday, the week passed VERY quickly.

Highlights: I got myself an ipod nano 16 GB
Another Highlight: I finished my first 60 minute run for over 1.5 years and ran 8.5K

Ever since I got my ipod nano I am now ripping CDs to MP3. What a nice job πŸ™‚ I think I should have sold them all on and downloaded the ones I wanted to keep. Not sure.

Other than that this week started eventful with me being ordered to the doctors. I had a couple of check ups and blood tests done and nothing major is wrong with me. So that is good news.

On Wednesday I met a friend I haven’t seen for ages and it was so good to catch up with her. We went to Hi Sushi but were a tat disappointed with the food. So next time we go somewhere else. I suggested the Thai place I went to a while back.

Thursday my Tai Chi teacher taught us a real awesome move. I will write about this next week, so stay tuned. It is called “parting the horse’s mane”. Very exciting.

The garden is getting along fine too. Again, I will post some more pictures and stuff this week. All Sunday, today, was spent in the garden. I grew more veggies as some died and put more flowers in. Also, had to cut the grass, got a trimmer for the edges and Jenny planted some strawberries. Yummy!

Honestly, that was most of the week. I am glad I am back to the gym with such a great success and hope it lasts. The insoles surely help. Life is really good to us at the moment. Jenny and the bump are developing fine and she will stop working next week. We are getting anxious and are happy at the same time. This is only the first…. πŸ˜‰

So have a lovely Sunday night and a great week.

Love and Kindness,

Sunday Column (7) – Happy Easter

Easter Holidays πŸ™‚

What an exciting week we had. After last weekend’s DIY efforts this week passed very quickly.

Not much excitement. I met a good friend for lunch whose partner is about to give birth – so it was good to meet up with someone who understands exactly in which situation I am in…and vice versa. So fingers crossed everything goes well, they are about 6 weeks ahead of us and by the time I write this, there might already be another baby born! Good Luck!

I had a day off on Thursday. Hurray. Besides watching a movie, going to the gym and doing the shopping, not much happened. Social night with the Tai Chi club and a Tesco that was busier than at Christmas. Horrendous. Glad I got it all done though. We had another scan of baby Ballueder and everything is fine. He is developing well and looks cute πŸ™‚

Friday we met our neighbours. They have 2 cats, a 9 months old daughter and live close to us, as neighbours do. Sounds familiar? They seem to be just one year ahead of us. It was a great afternoon with some great German wheat beer, and some vino. Shame the weather wasn’t as great, otherwise a BBQ would have been a perfect round up. Next time.

Saturday I finally finished taking about half a centimeter off the door to the kid’s room. My hand was in agony and I didn’t make it to the gym. Never thought it would be that difficult to take “a bit off a door”. Even used a saw. Crazy but finally finished. One thing less on our DIY list.

On Saturday night we went to see Kate Rusby in the Cadogan Hall. Kate was brilliant and joined by Donald Grant and the Red Skies String Ensemble to perform exciting new arrangements of Kate Rusby classics. She also played some new songs of her latest album Awkward Annie. My wife is a great fan and I really enjoy listening to her too.

Sunday morning started with another long gym session and 6K on the elliptical machine. Wow, now I am all knackered and will sleep for a while before preparing the Sunday roast: corn fed chicken with a special Ballueder marinade with roast vegetables. Yummy.

So, have a happy Easter Sunday.


Sunday Column (6)

Wow, wow, wow – I am about to fall asleep typing. What I have done all day? I tell you: 9 am start to the gym and then putting laminate down on the landing. Whilst it all went well, we now need to take part of one of the doors off for it all to fit.


Looking back over the week, I at least want to give you a quick update. The blossoms are coming out on all the trees in the street and garden. Spring is here and it is just nice. It is getting warmer and with the DIY, we are making this a really nice home for Colin Heinrich.

And, we finally got the cot up, a chest of drawers and things are taking shape. We are getting very exciting. We went to Ikea to get some bits and pieces.

To be honest, not too much else is happening. I am 3 weeks behind our laundry and ironing, had a business trip to Leeds, a nice massage yesterday and a great Saturday afternoon with 2 really good friends. A perfect life. The only thing I would like to complain about is the lack of time.

I would like to sit all night to write on an essay I started or put some more theories into PowerPoint to upload them on slideshare. I am not sure when I will have the time, but my inbox will eventually be empty again.

Guess that is all for tonight folks. Don’t call me, I will be on my couch, enjoying the 2nd part of the Matrix and a glass of vino.

Have a great week.