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Tai Chi (1)

Hello, I have written that I started a Tai Chi Course in Beckenham, London. Why did I do that? I don’t do enough exercise, I don’t have the time to meditate and sit still without guidance and generally speaking, I am just too busy to do anything else but joining a taught class. Since I don’t like contact sports much, e.g. I tried boxing once but didn’t like it, I decided to go for a gentle martial arts form that allows me to meditate, exercise and use it in terms of personal development too. How did I find my Tai Chi class? Easy, google it and you will find a Tai Chi Finder for the UK. From there you will quite quickly find out that there are many Tai Chi classes and that you can find one near by very easily. So I joined the Tai Chi Europe classes from the Hine Tai Chi School. In respect to martial arts, Tai Chi relies on sensitivity to the opponent’s movements, working on the basis of attacking the center of gravity from the opponent. Getting them off their feet rather than trying to hurt them. So it is really a gentle way

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New blog … new life?

Hello, Thanks for all the feedback so far on my blog. Yes, I have moved my blog to my own domain, following the example of several of my friend. This way I have more control about widgets, add-ons and can add projects like cb consulting to this site also. I assume that I will move balamadana to wordpress too. However, it will be a learning process of how to use WordPress as a CMS, how to use Google Analytics, how to use Adsense properly and so on. Twitter is now integrated and you should be able to tweet this post and to see what I am up to as well. Please follow me. Also, I might delete my old blogs on wordpress.com and blogger to avoid duplicate content and anyone not finding me. I should soon rank highest for “volker ballueder”, once Google has indexed my site 🙂 Ok, not that difficult. New Life? Not really. Some things are in constant change, the baby is growing and the kittens are growing up too. I am desperate for spring to get some warmer weather, start planting my vegetables and enjoy a nice wheat beer in the sun. I am still in

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