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Reunification – a personal reflection

I guess I cannot deny being German, having the accent, efficiency and all. However, I have lived in the UK for over 8 years now. I remember like it was yesterday when I took off from Duesseldorf to Heathrow in August, wearing my Barbour jacket to save weight in the suitcases, and arrived in Aberdeen about 5 hours later. That was 2001. Only a few weeks later the world changed when two planes flew into the world trade center. Then Google became popular in the UK and I was about to start a new life. Tradition is very important for me. However, for me it is important to look forward without forgetting the past. If I had looked back in 2001, I would have left the UK 2 years later after my Bachelor’s degree. But I didn’t because I wanted to grow, I wanted to get my MBA and have a career in the oil and gas industry as a manager. This never happened and I have now lived in Beckenham, just outside London, for over 5 years. And I love London, I like the UK and I am very happy. So what has changed? I got used to instant

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reflection on tradition

Tradition, they say, is not about preserving the ashes. It is all about keeping the flame burning. I am a member of a German Fraternity, Corps Franconia. We fence and accept any member, no matter which political, religious or ethical background that person is. I loved being an active member and also joined the London meetings. As an alumni I support the younger generation. It works like a pension system – just that it really works. When I was younger I got cheap beers and accommodation and now the younger generation does. Anyhow, the reason for posting here are thoughts I have as a new daddy. We named our son Colin after my wife’s late brother and Heinrich after my granddad. These names have both history and Heinrich even tradition within our family. It was important for me to give my son a name that is related to both our family histories. My wife and I want to teach our son where his names are coming from and what they mean to us and hopefully what they might mean to him. You might think of Hellinger and any pressure we might put him under. But we don’t want to put

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