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Thursday Flash (8)

Thursday Flash!

This week I thought it is worth sharing an article from a couple weeks ago, fuelling the discussion around Snapchat and TV. Is TV moving more mobile? Is TV as we know it dead? How do screens look like in the future? I am curious to see all that, and also how things will move along with content consumption for our kids. What is the main medium (video?) and on which screen (mobile) – or will new forms emerge? The future is going to be interesting, no doubt. I already commented on it via a Linkedin article.

On productivity I enjoyed reading about Evernote tips for mobile. I love Evernote and use it all the time. Most notes, meeting notes and reminders go in there. On the go, in the office, at home. Work notes, private notes, industry news, or how to tape my leg. Or the video below on back pain. I love Evernote, and if you ain’t using it yet, maybe you should look into it.

For the first time I also like to share a video. Why? Because my chiropractor recommended it to me to solve mobility challenges in my back. So I am sure some of you might find it useful:

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Sunday Column (377)

This week brought on a few changes. Mainly work related and I don’t want to go into great detail. In reflection of my career, I have managed to learn a lot on how to deal with change, engage in situations and which approach I should take. Experience I suppose, age and maturity of course. Putting all of that together and going from a career level up to an industry level, I can see almost the opposite with the broadcast industry.

You probably wonder what I am on about. I attended a conference for TV people this week. They don’t know much about programmatic advertising. And, should they not change, the youngsters from the digital programmatic space will teach the older, maturer generation from broadcasting, how it is done. Upside down. Innovation and automatisation will always be ahead of rigidity.

I don’t want to have too much of a go, but the conference showed me that some of the broadcasters don’t really understand what is happening in the world. They seem to be stuck in their old business models, neglecting the insights they can drive. And when consultants then suggest the magical steps to change and list action points I haven’t seen since my MBA, my neck hair stands up. I honestly fear that the digital world will roll into the TV world, force change which the broadcasters should lead themselves. Seeing Sky winning most of the awards for being the most innovative broadcaster wasn’t a surprise. They are currently, at least to my mind, the leading force of change in the broadcaster industry. Where next?


In other news we found out that our new pets haven’t been vaccinated yet. This meant a blood test, vaccination, another couple hundred in vet bills and further five weeks in confinement. You get what you ask for. We wanted to help those kittens, were under the impression to do good and ended up with a big bill. Just as well we didn’t pay for the cats and they all seem to get along. We will get through that as well, still learning in the process.

Life is good. Reviews in school were due and we are happy and proud of our kids. We have some bright, intelligent and lovely boys. Just when they are at home…no, of course they are good 😉 it is funny to see how their character develops and how you discover part of yourself, part of your spouse in them. Yet, they are complete own characters, humans with their own ideas and thoughts. I love them more than anything in this world. An inspiration, future and purpose in life.

On Thursday I managed the first 10K run in just under 45 minutes, that’s 4:30 per km. This for me is a big step. I never thought I’d could do it but pacing myself on some runners in Central Park made me determined to do it. I am winning. Thinking back that I used to be part of my American High School track team running 800 meters huffing and puffing because I smoked 60 cigarettes a day. I remember my first run after I quit smoking almost 20 years ago. It was for 10 minutes and I could hardly breathe and had to stop often. I obviously came a long way since then.

That pretty much sums up the week. On Saturday I had lots of time with Rohan, another party and time to prepare some thoughts. Life is full of change and challenges. Also I mixed myself my own Martini again. It has been a while but Americans like a good cocktail before dinner and so do I now again, after I used to drink Martini a lot watching Mash 4077 back in the days.

Anyway, have a good one, speak Easter,

Sunday Column (363)

This week was far from slow going. It started with the little one’s nativity play in which he was a donkey. I loved his outfit, yet his role was all but sitting around doing nothing. He loves acting and in years to come I see him taking on more prominent roles. Just the opposite from what his brother is like when it comes to performing.

On Tuesday I went to a meeting outside London for a big presentation, to come back to our official Christmas party. I stayed over in London, in one of the posher hotels, which didn’t fail to disappoint. It is a shame how hotels in London get away with being so tourist oriented and less service oriented. Not good advertising for the tourists that come over.

lucky happy

Never mind, we had a great night out at one of Gordon Ramsey’s restaurants, amazing food and fantastic chats. It is always a pleasure to meet the founder of the company and talking shop. Having said that, it is nice to also not talk shop but about experience, family, and life overall. Working for smaller companies and start ups is great as there is a real connection between the top and the bottom. Not that I consider myself the latter, but speaking about it in a general sense 😉

Not to say it was a rather calm night, but I was on my best behaviour. Some bug is pestering me for a while, and I have been ‘under the weather’ really. So Wednesday passed quickly and Thursday saw another Christmas play. This time it was the eldest play which I truly enjoyed. Off to work, a few meetings, lots of things to take care of and finishing off with a rather busy Friday. Wow.

It is a diary this week really. Not wanting to get into politics but this Donald Trump guy .. anyway, don’t get me started.

More amusing, or not, is a video of myself. My old search agency I used to work for 8 odd years ago, asked me to talk about programmatic, about TV data and made the following video about me:

Volker talking TV Data.
Let me know what you think. I believe I need to work on my eyebrows and my paleness a bit 😉

Saturday closed with a lovely Christmas party we hosted for a few of our friends. However, we went for a ‘Santa Run’ in the morning which really was a 400 m run for the kids and they loved doing it and getting a medal. Having done my 20K this week (2x10K to be precise) on the treadmill, and the treadmill needing a repair, I took it easy at the weekend and didn’t join further running. We went ice skating though, and luckily to our earlier attempt last week which was more a lido than an ice rink, it was really good!

We are getting closer to Christmas. Most presents are bought, most things organised. Work is still very busy and will be for a while, but come the 24th, I cannot wait to sit back, raise a good glass of red and cheer to a very successful year. I consider myself lucky. I consider myself happy.

Happy Holiday Season,