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Sunday Column (41)

This week was rather interesting, not to say quite busy. As you might know by now I have left my job after only 6 months. In summary: it just didn’t work out. However, onwards and upwards. I have been in touch with a few companies over the last few weeks and continue to do so. So far we have not had to cancel Christmas, and I really enjoy the time with my boy! On Tuesday afternoon I went to see an osteopath for my back and she cracked it well. I felt better afterwards but my muscles that are mainly used to lift heavy things, e.g. Colin, are still very weak and hurt. It also doesn’t help to sit on a too low desk I suppose. However, I go back next week to get more mobility into my back. And, they recommended me to do some exercise….I know 🙁 Although, a neighbour got me to go to the gym on Saturday, and I did do some exercise, went off to the Sauna and steam room too 🙂 Wednesday was busy. I had an unexpected meeting with a good friend in the morning which resulted in possibly another job opportunity. Afterwards

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