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Garden Update

Here are a few pictures taken last weekend of our garden. The sun unfortunately killed some plants but overall we are happy with it. We are getting somewhere. The cats still dig up stuff and we need to get the onions and tatties out of the soil, but already had lovely raspberries 🙂

garden pictures

It has been a while since I updated you with pictures of the garden. So here we go, I made them much smaller than the originals, hopefully the quality is good enough.
We bought a few new plants and flowers to put in the garden, so here are the results. I am sure my wife will take more pictures.

I particularly like the hedgehog house and the picture with all the new plants, including the lovely blue flowering one, the roses and the eucalyptus. I hope they all survive and grow into an even more lovely garden. Also notice the veggies, which have come a long way since I first started.

garden and veggie update

As promised the garden and veggie update with a picture gallery:

Let me know what you think,


Oh dear, I shall say. A week ago my wife sent me a picture of my veggies. Now, I had to get them outside.

So last weekend I spent 4 hours in the garden. My knees are still hurting! And the result is that we planted all our veggies and put a net over it to protect it from the cats (not sure!) and the birds.

Still not sure if they all will grow. They look a little bit bashed up and I am not sure if the roots will dig deep into the ground. So guess I have to wait and see. I hope they all recover and grow nicely for some nice veggies.

Here are the pictures: