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Sunday Column (315)

How has your week been? How often did you hug your kids this week and tell them that you love them? How often did you have the fire on, sat back and enjoyed the atmosphere in your living room – your home? I did that a lot this week. I also invested in a few new apps, optimising the set up of my MacBook Air. I am, after getting an external screen, now fully equipped to own a productivity machine at home rather than a ‘laptop’. New 2do app and SimpleMind mind-mapping will increase my productivity, making me less dependent on my iPad and having all tools in one place. I am pleased. My new post on productivity over at Linkedin is doing well. I got a lot done this week! Also, this week started with great news. If the official confirmation will happen tomorrow, I was tested for some potential “illness” which of course I didn’t believe I had. Yet it had been a roller coaster ride, thinking “what if” and “what would happen to the family”. It makes you think, and gladly it came out this way. Maybe it was too premature to assume anything, but one has

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Sunday Column (89)

It has been a week of ups and mostly downs. The week started with great progress at work and fantastic, promising meetings. However, the magic day was Wednesday. Wednesday, 10th of November 2010. I went to the doctors re my hips and knees and was “discharged” – no more problems or physical “disabilities”, e.g. shortness of one leg. So no more insoles, the doctor ok’d it. So it was a great start in the day, and it was sunny too. What could have changed that day. When I left the office just before 8 pm and went for a quick drink with my two colleagues I didn’t think anything would happen. But, between 21.15 and 21.45 someone managed to steal my laptop rucksack next to the chair I was sitting at. None of my colleagues or I noticed. And it was a heavy bag. What I don’t understand: I touched the bag with my foot every 2 minutes or so to make sure it was still there, the pub wasn’t busy and hence I didn’t think to remove my portable hard drive and put it in my jacket. Hence at 21.45 I was stone sober again (after 2 glasses of

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