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Can Vodafone win me back last minute?

I am sitting here and just do NOT understand. You must by now got the message of what I think of Vodafone. I hate Vodafone’s customer service. I direct messaged with the director of customer service on Twitter until he unfollowed me, and emailed with his team and finally got

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Vodafone Customer Service

I wrote about my “unhappiness” with Vodafone before. However, this time it is different. When I found out that my new work does not supply me with a blackberry, I decided to get one myself. I was thinking about it anyway and went to Vodafone as my contract is about

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Vodafone – bad customer service and pushy sales tactics

Hello, Now, let me have an official go at Vodafone. As, in my eyes, best provider of mobile services due to its reception in all areas of the UK, including the Scottish Highlands, I find Vodafone quite bad in regards to customer service and sales tactics. Customer Service first: My

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