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Weekend – or what happened this week

I would like to draw your attention to last week.

It helps to look back: Monday was just another Monday with a good conversation at work, driving things forward in the right direction. Also, I managed to get something important done on my private side of things.

Tuesday. It was a long day at Internetworld, a few drinks at night. Was it a good day? A slow day but work wise very valuable. I had a long conversation with a friend I bumped into who I haven’t seen for about 3 years. Coincidence? I do not think so! We stay in touch X.

Wednesday was my first interview and another seminar talk on SEO and Blogging for WebCertain. My colleague and I really impressed a few people there. And, interesting enough the seminar theatre was packed and about 40% said they have a multilingual website and another 40% said they will soon. That means there are so many people out there realising that the internet gives you a global reach. All you need to do is to get out there and be found! Ok, enough advertisement, just join us at our Summit.

Thursday, last day of Internetworld, was very slow going. I am surprised that CMP organises 2 big shows in the same half of the year. Why not have one, TFM&A in spring and the other, Internetworld, in autumn. Hey, there is some competition out there but I believe there is a market for it too! Not my decision, I moved away from exhibitions. Met up with my old manager though and realised that things have changed….
The rest of Thursday I spent driving my wife to a party and back – what a boring bloke but a loving husband I am 🙂

Friday was a long day in the office. Catching up on the show, having one phone conference after another. It was good. Spoke to someone I consider a good friend in Detmold with whom I believe the relationship just started. Spoke to a friend I helped a little to find and settle in Munich too! Good Luck Marco!

The night I spent with some nurses drinking beer ,-) That was fun!

Was that all?
You might have noticed I forgot my birthday. Yes, in all that week I had to fit in a birthday I almost forgot myself. And, the biggest memory of my birthday, besides that my wife got me a nice present and work did too, is that I spoke to a good friend and mentor who’s life is, although much more progressed, in parallel. You see the entry below.

What a week. Time for a long weekend. Enjoy and get some rest ,-)

Oh, it is Saturday today. Marcelo posted the first entry on balamadana. And I go and get pampered now – off for a nice sports massage.

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