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Good intentions – living the life

I want to live, and of course who doesn’t? I have all good intention to prolong my life. I am conscious of my life and my body, my personal and spiritual development, and I am eager to see my kids grow up. But, on the other hand I enjoy the odd cigar, I like my drink, and of course I enjoy the odd burger or fry up. Hence, whilst reading books about how to beat cancer by eating right, how to prevent diseases by eating correctly, and how to keep my energy household balanced in order to have a better, longer and healthier life, I thought I share my latest developments: Sometimes we are living “a” life. Not the one based on our values, our intentions and our inner harmony. We just live and are too busy to notice that we just do that. We are good in ignoring the fact that we put on a few pounds, or that we stopped going to the gym. From what we get in life we make a living. From what we give, we make a life. Through what I gain by giving to my children & family, and spending time with them,

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Sunday Column (70)

I know a lot of people are getting bored of the Sunday Column, calling it more of a diary than a blog. Fair point, but maybe that is what it is. My thoughts to an openly accessible diary? I try to bring in some idea on life every now and then. However, in all honesty, I hardly have time to sit down and reflect lately. Work wise the week started off with a very good meeting and on Wednesday I had my first new starter at mexad UK. Finally things are coming together and we are increasing not only the team and presence in the UK, but our growth is supported by an office move next week. So things are going well. Being responsible for the UK means that in return I get a lot of extra work. So when I write a lot about work, it is because that is where I spend most of time. I sleep less hours in my bed than being at work, and less time with the family than at work. And, I think that is something one has to think about. If you look at all those studies about people growing old. Mediterranean

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Sunday Column (65)

Wow, what a week. Hardly saw the office this week, or home. But absolutely loved this week too… Dear work diary, I spent all Monday in meetings and late into the evening to do work in the office, whilst on Tuesday it didn’t look much better. However, I made it home for Colin’s bath. Wednesday, whilst my boss was over from Germany, we spend most of the day in meetings, decided on a new office and I made it to Manchester and back before having a great time with clients in a Thai restaurant and club called Bam Bou. After a short night we had more meetings, and the week was finished with a day in the office. Dear life diary, I had a fabulous week, seeing my son grow up, clapping his hands. He also almost walks and is very cute to watch in the bath. At the weekend we met a lot of his friends. Friday night my wife convinced me to go for an Indian which was a fantastic idea. I was met at the train and we took Colin along. On Saturday we actually managed to spend the day away at the sea. We went to

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