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Sunday Column (71)

I don’t believe it’s Sunday. Whilst this phrase sounds so familiar, and yes I did have a stressful week, I also made it through probably one of the hottest weeks I had in the UK since I arrived here not short of 9 years ago. What a heat! This week I travelled to Ipswich for a meeting, I moved offices and sweated the last drop of fluid out of my body carrying boxes, furniture and myself up and down our new office, 4th floor in Windmill Street. You can find the new location by just putting “mexad UK” into Google maps: View Larger Map Now that this is done, we can grow our team even further. I am very excited about the opportunities. On the family side of things there was some movement. I write that before having the final discussion with my wife, but I allowed Colin to climb the chest in our living room last week. I admit I even encouraged him a bit, but really, I think that is fine. I didn’t know my wife tried to tell him off for that, and I think Colin used “climbing the chest” to play my wife against me. Glad

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I don’t want to say it but….I told you so

Ok, I am not overly proud to be German, nor am I interested in football. But my gut feeling told me that Germany would win. I was fortunate enough to see the game (the first game I saw in full for over 15 years) with friends from Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, Denmark, Germany, Italy & France. So far about “national” – it is all international, that is what London is about. And, after all, it was just a game. Maybe we were just a bit luckier. And, it should have been ended 4:2. Thanks for a great afternoon, and thank you England for hosting me and my family 🙂 Volker

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Sunday Column (68)

Another Sunday, another week. I updated my URLs, I made huge progress at work, and I managed to get myself in order for personal development. Nope, I won’t go into detail but I am making progress across the board. Striving for perfection 🙂 This week was busy, no doubt. Monday started with a proper day back in the office after being out and about for over a week. So after a good catch up and sorting out some admin stuff, I managed to see our new office on Tuesday. I am very excited to move into the new place. My new staff and I measured the place and made plans, still not being able to decide on the right “coffee maker” – difficult decisions ahead. We are moving on the 1st of July 😉 Now, I guess the highlight of the week was yesterday. Colin’s first birthday. We were hoping to get everyone together in the park for a picnic, but the weather was miserable. My wife managed to entertain all mums & babies on Friday, and we did the “rest” together on Saturday. It was good to see the godparents and friends being there. Colin now waves, laughs, claps

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