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d:pulse – the new digital must-attend event in Europe!

You have to admit that flying to Zurich to a conference from London, staying over night, has to be a good conference, right? A conference that adds value to a coach and consultant. So when my friends, Frank and Christian, invited me to join them in Zurich for d:pulse, I was on fire. They have built dmexco, brought the industry together a few times, and just understand the concept of good conferencing, adding value and getting the right people on board. So there I was, and admittedly, not knowing who Sven Hannawald was, he started the conference talking about burn-out, life-life balance and taking breaks. I thought I was on a personal development conference for a moment, as the multi Olympia winner talked about his struggle with mental health, performance and not being able to take a break. He spoke to what I preach, and that at a digital conference. It reiterated my point about the industry having to come closer together to not overwork people and look after each other. Besides us being a billion dollar industry, we are still a close knit team, and we have to work together to make it a sustainable industry not only from

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Sunday Column (292)

I start writing this post enjoying yet again the best bacon sandwich at Gatwick airport, at Apostrophe in the South terminal. Maybe not in line with my healthy eating ambitions, it serves as a treat for the 5 am start, the 4.15 am alarm. I will be back here the coming week. This time it was a bit worse as C was up at night, having nightmares. We have been exposing him to dogs almost on an excessive basis to secure utmost preparation for the arrival of Rosie. I will update on that below. As a parent having to do manipulative work with your five year old is fine yet not if it is forced and needs to be done quickly. Never mind, things will work out at the end. I am actually a bit chuffed that my NLP and personal development work has had such a great impact on my son. A bit of anchoring and positive reinforcement, a role play and his fear of dogs was cured 🙂 After my trip to Turkey last week, I was in Zurich for a day, and will be going to Milan next week. I enjoy it somewhat but it is tiring

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Sunday Column (57)

Ok, this week wasn’t really exciting. I worked a lot and met with ex colleagues from my old work. However, most of them will be, like me, ex-Profero people soon. Weird, somehow many seem to leave there too. Anyway. I was off on Friday to go to Zurich for a long weekend. We promised Colin’s god mother, my cousin, to visit them a long time ago. Colin woke us up on Friday morning at 3 am and we thought he had pain teething. He slept through the flight on Friday and got us up in the early hours of Saturday again. From Saturday lunch time he was sick every time he ate. We decided to take him to A&E in Zurich on Saturday night and they diagnosed an ear infection. We just got home not long ago. He seems to be much better and the home environment seems to get him going too. However, he did take a lot of medicine and antibiotics. Hopefully he will sleep more tonight. Jen and I are just knackered now. We hardly slept, travelled and worried. So a glass of vino, pizza and an early night are calling. Honestly, that will be all this

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