Tai Chi (1)


I have written that I started a Tai Chi Course in Beckenham, London. Why did I do that?

I don’t do enough exercise, I don’t have the time to meditate and sit still without guidance and generally speaking, I am just too busy to do anything else but joining a taught class.

Since I don’t like contact sports much, e.g. I tried boxing once but didn’t like it, I decided to go for a gentle martial arts form that allows me to meditate, exercise and use it in terms of personal development too.

How did I find my Tai Chi class? Easy, google it and you will find a Tai Chi Finder for the UK.

From there you will quite quickly find out that there are many Tai Chi classes and that you can find one near by very easily. So I joined the Tai Chi Europe classes from the Hine Tai Chi School.


In respect to martial arts, Tai Chi relies on sensitivity to the opponent’s movements, working on the basis of attacking the center of gravity from the opponent. Getting them off their feet rather than trying to hurt them. So it is really a gentle way of martial arts and definitely not a contact one – however, you can develop a Tai Chi style into more of a contact sport.

When I first started I got this list of conditions Tai Chi can help with:
– stress
– anxiety
– lack of control
– tension
– energy
– blood pressue
– immunity
– mood
– sleep
– wellbeing
– arthritis
– bone density

So wish me luck and success with it, particularly patience.

Tai Chi