TED on cancer

I stumbled on an article about cancer on TED yesterday.

The article reads:

Next, she tested the flip side of the theory: “If tissue architecture and context are part of the message, then tumor cells with abnormal genomes should be capable of becoming ‘normal’” if grown in a healthy micro-environment. She and her students tested that hypothesis with some malignant cells and growing them on a healthy scaffolding. And yes, they were able to revert the malignant phenotype to a normal one. They could even inject the cells into mice, where they didn’t cause tumors, unlike malignant cells, which would cause cancer. This, says Bissell, indicates that there is another way to look at cancer, in which the cancer genes are regulated by the environment around them.

So effectively, if you got cancer and your body is a mess, then cancer will spread. If your body is healthy, the tumour turns to normal tissue again. Of course there is no guarantee.

I remember, years ago, that I read a story of a woman who had cancer, refused any therapy and she healed herself. Just positive thinking, sports and healthy living. Now that makes sense. Only in a healthy body lives a healthy spirit (German saying, so hopefully this is translated correctly).

As I write in this week’s Sunday column: Cancer and Heart Disease are still number one killers in our society, however they are the things you worry least about in your every day life. I keep thinking about that more and more. Hence I started exercising again recently, try to live a healthier life style and start worrying about the things that really matter: being there for my kids is one of them, and that in years to come.

Of course that doesn’t mean I don’t worry about everyday things.

Anyway, just an early morning thought at the weekend.