Thank you, Colin.

Thank you, Colin. I had a fantastic day.

Just after I woke up and took the car to the garage, you gave me the chance to show you to the gymnastic class for toddlers down at the Spa. You chased me around. You made me laugh. You made me meet new people.

This was a fantastic time I was allowed to spend with you. I could help you climbing on things, jumping off things, jumping on things, and balancing on beams. And despite all the malarkey, you stayed put whilst we were all very quiet in the circle. Thank you, Colin.

Now, just after you had your nap, we had the chance to go down to the playground with granny. We played on the swing, the slide, and we had a great wander around the park. You showed me where all the trains are going that daddy usually take to work.

I felt so privileged to spend time with you today, and was glad to be allowed to carry you home on my shoulders.

Then you let me bath you. A quick one as it was getting late, we still found some time to play around. I was allowed to watch your evening programme, and getting you dressed.

Thank you, Colin.

I thank you for a wonderful day I was allowed to spend with you. There aren’t that many where I have time to do exactly that. And I wonder what it would be like if I was home every day. But one day you understand that this isn’t feasible. You will understand that other things have priorities too.

But isn’t it nice to take those days to spend time together. To share a laugh, to love and unwind. And now you are sleeping whilst daddy almost falls asleep writing these lines.

I love you Colin. And trust me, you soon will get used to having your brother around.

I see you in the morning, thank you for this fabulous day.