The Magus – John Fowles

The ones who met me and had a philosophical night with me know my most favourite book by John Fowles, The Magus.

Not only do you find the story of the prince and the magician and the islands in there, but you also find thoughts on love, psychology, delusion and disturbance in there. A fascinating book.

Last night I watched the DVD, the movie from the 60s. It has been a while since I read the book and keep saying I need to re-read it, but watching the DVD brought back the memories of this great story.

That book just totally blew me away and I would suggest anyone to read it. It is confusing and you will only understand part of it, but at the end, one of the greatest books ever.


A man trapped in a millionare’s deadly game of political and sexual betrayal.

Filled with shocks and chilling surprises, The Magus is a masterwork of contemporary literature. In it, a young Englishman, Nicholas Urfe, accepts a teaching position on a Greek island where his friendship with the owner of the islands most magnificent estate leads him into a nightmare. As reality and fantasy are deliberately confused by staged deaths, erotic encounters, and terrifying violence, Urfe becomes a desperate man fighting for his sanity and his life. A work rich with symbols, conundrums and labyrinthine twists of event, The Magus is as thought-provoking as it is entertaining, a work that ranks with the best novels of modern times.