The Power of Now

Looking further into my essay I saw Tolle’s book “The Power of Now” which does cover the topic of focusing on the now, the actual day, “carpe diem” so to speak, instead of focusing on either past or future.

Many many people seem to use the past as an excuse for what is happening in the now and excusing themselves about things that might happen in the future.

Without going into much detail it seems that we can only enlighten ourselves if we do focus on what is happening just precise this moment. This very second or Milli-second. Why bother about what has happened. Too many theories in my opinion focus on the idea of the past influencing our lives – time line therapy to cure what has happened? I used to live in the past quite a lot myself and found my personal way of living in the now.

However, looking at myself, I live in the future too. Aspirations, goals, wants and needs. Salary expectations, new job and family – often I think “what if I reached my dream income of lets say 100K?” – to be honest, if I ever achieve it, then I would want 200K and so forth. Death is definite, it puts an end to it all, doesn’t it? Maybe it doesn’t but then we move away from the now. We talk about that another time.

But yes, if we stop worrying about what might be and what we achieve and what might happen, we might start living in the now and focus on what is important at the moment. Because only that counts and really works in favour or disadvantage of the future. But please do not forget to think about the future, set goals etc. – but do not be too fixed with it and do not let them influence your now.

And, if you have issues from your past that influence your now, then let it go, use therapy and live your life – I had almost written “as if it would be your last day”. Not sure, maybe we should but do not exaggerate. There might be a tomorrow ,-)

Good night.