The Royal Family

After going to Leeds castle, I am more and more intrigued about the Royal Family and who fits in with whom.

Since HM Queen Elizabeth the 2nd, it is straight forward, e.g. you find all the information on this site: the Royal Family tree from Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.

On the website itself you find more information about the Royal Family. There were quite a few Kings and Queens related to the French Royalty. Very interesting, didn’t know that. Ok, we are going back a thousand years, but never the less 😉

From generation 14 the Scottish influence with Robert the Bruce seems to increase. And, you find a few German Royals being mentioned. I am not a historian and only wanted to see where Henry VIII comes into play and how it all worked from there. But, I have to say, it is interesting how the European Royals are all interconnected.

Henry VIII really accounted for 3 Queens/Kings, his children:


Generation 23/24 brought the first King James VI of Scotland being King JAMES I of England, 1603.

The Germans from Hanover entered the British Royals with GEORGE I, KING OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND, (1714-1727). And, the famous VICTORIA, QUEEN OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND, (1837-1901) was married to a German also!

Wow, if I had more time I would like to examine all the connections and find out who fits in where and why. There are connections to all European Royal Families.

This timeline shows all the major developments for each Queen/King. Very interesting.

And, just if you ever wondered how the Union Jack came about….


For all the gossip lovers, in the FAQ section you find this:

Is there a royal connection between Camilla’s family and the royal family?
In 1889 Camilla Parker-Bowles’s great-grandmother Alice Keppel was the mistress of Edward VII when he was Prince of Wales. Edward VII was the great-grandfather of Prince Charles the current Prince of Wales.

And, if you are interested how hemophilia came into the Royal Family, check out this website 🙂

Enough of a history lesson for now…..