The Weather – or why am I not posting?

Ein Sauwetter (pig’s weather) – that is what we would say in Germany. After spending a few days speaking German it is weird to come back and speak 100% English/Scottish 🙂

I was wondering about the weather (as I do) and why it is raining and cold in August in London. When I was a wee boy, I was running around in shorts and T-Shirts from early age and early on in the year. May until early September would be a good summer, sunshine, some rainy days but this year…..

There was a time in June, maybe a few days in July that were amazing hot. And the time in Spain of course. But sitting in the office today, just made it in without getting rained upon, changing from rain to sunshine to rain every hour is just not healthy. It is not autumn yet, although it surely feels like it. Makes me tired too.

Ok, I stop complaining. I did choose to live in the UK but believe that other cities/countries in Europe are not far off. Maybe it is global warming after all?

Maybe not. Maybe it is just normal that every few hundred years we are having a warmer period which results in more flooding, more rain, more bad weather and more moaning 😉

Have a good day.


PS: for those of you who prefer to spend the rest of the day cuddled up in a blanket in front of the TV with a hot chocolate, maybe this video entertains you for a while: