Tracy Chapman


My best ever present was a concert ticket to Tracy Chapman.Thank you to my wife!

Tracy has always been around since I know Jenny and I did not find out until at a friend’s party that the singer of “Fastest Car” was actually female. Sorry Tracy πŸ™‚

I went out and bought all her CDs a while back, we are talking years now, and keep up to date with her newest releases.


What surprised me at the concert is, given she has been on stage for 20 years, that there are few older people. Whilst there were a few older folk, a good few my age (middle age?!), the masses seemed to be (drunken) teenagers and early twenties. However, maybe my perception of younger folk changes as we are getting older πŸ™

Overall a great experience. Sitting in the Apollo in Hammersmith enjoying live music from a lady that has affected my life for more than 5 years now.

Thank you Tracy. Lets hear more!