Twitter (once again)

How many followers do you have? Do you follow XYZ?

Twitter is getting more and more popular with the amount of followers getting more and more important. Often I get a lot of people following me because I write keyword rich. Examples are to tweet about the International Search Summit using keywords like “social media” or “SEO” and people start following you. There are tools out there that follow people automatically that write a certain keyword. You then decide whether you follow them back or not. Sometimes these are “random followers” and you are not sure which value they bring to you and you do not follow them back. However, it is polite in the twitter world to actually DO follow them back.

Now, people like Matt Cutts or Anthony Robins, they cannot follow everyone back. Because if they did, they would end up having millions of people they follow. They are like the “star amongst the tweeple” 😉

Anyhow, I was writing about Twitter tools before and one that I really like to use on a regular basis is Friend or Follow. This tool shows you who is following you back, who is not and who is following you but you aren’t following them back. It is great to clear up the list of people you follow. An example would be that people follow you and then you follow them back. However, once you follow them back, they stop following you. Then you end up following more people than people following you and…your reputation, and ratio followers/following goes down.


There are 2 more tools I want to mention:

1) Huitter – the mutuality tool allows to bulk un-follow everyone who does not follow you back. Drawback is that if you follow people like Matt Cutts or the BBC News or Times Online, you automatically un-follow them. So I don’t like that tool if you use Twitter to stay on top of developments around you.

2) Tweetlater – this tool is useful. It sends an automatic message to everyone that follows you, e.g. “Thanks for following me. Please visit my blog at“. Also, it allows you to write a message now and tweet about it later, e.g. you can time your tweets up to a few hours. However, with an advanced (paid) version, you can also time delay tweets more. Useful for people who sit in Europe and like to tweet early UK time and then early US time. Also useful for spammers who like to re-tweet their messages over and over again. The latter aren’t very liked and I usually un-follow people that start tweeting the same messages over and over again.

That is my latest twitter update. Thanks folks and please RT this blog entry and follow me on @ballueder.