Update February

Hello all readers,

What should I say. I am very happy in my new job as a Business Development Manager. It is great, and the first time I talk about it on my site here. Never before have I met so many people who are passionate about their job and keen on growing a small company to a medium one and then….onwards from there.
It is tough so, a lot of work, but that is the way things are in the industry, and that is what I choose to do.

My old job – kind of – does not exist anymore. The show I was selling has now been canceled which is a shame for the industry but did not come as a surprise to me. That is about all I want to say about it.

What else has happening. Regarding shows I had my first show from the exhibitor side of things last week and it went well. Very well.

Then we finally got freeview at home. Jenny and I got an aerial connection and a freeview box. Last night we watched CSI until Midnight. How nice ,-) We entered the digital age!

What is cb consulting doing. To be honest, not too much. Currently I am working with one client for careers advice and coaching but also I work on a new concept of cb consulting. More in the field of Marketing/Strategic Consulting as well as Spiritual Consulting for business. That brings me back to my essay which is still there but with little progression. Mainly due to time restraints. My buddhist monk decided to “de-monk” and go back to Brazil where he is from. So working with him on buddhist thoughts will be difficult as to the absense of a physical presence but we will find a way as he is still very much believing in Buddhism and I am very keen on getting input from him.

So this week I send my love to all of you out there and hope that things are well for you too. I will be busy for the next few weeks and will have little time to blog. But, please stay tuned.