Update in pictures

I thought I relax your eyes from reading about my life with some lovely pictures 🙂

Now, let me explain all of them a bit:

1) That is the first dead mouse our lovely kittens brought home.

2) You remember we are renovating. We managed to paint half the stairs today, so fingers crossed we finish them tomorrow.

3) Our strawberries and real Scottish Thistle.

4) I was writing about my veggies a couple times before, they are growing like mad now.

5) Back last summer we planted wine. It is coming along fine now. Along with the dill next to it and I can spot a ginger tail 🙂

6) and 7) is a view over our “end of garden fence” to show you what it looks like. Allotments in Beckenham.

8) My wife Jenny…..in front of our wee house and with a wee man inside her 😉

9) This is our dining room. We finally turned it 90 degrees and removed the old dirty Ikea carpet we got for our old flat.