US election 2008


Everyone in the world is speaking about the US election now. Why?

  • Is it because someone really old is standing against a young dynamic person from an ethnic minority?
  • Is it because America is still the most powerful country in the world?
  • Is it because the next president of the United States might change the direction this so powerful country will go?

I think it is all of it. Without having my political hat on, which I hardly have, I think a young and dynamic person, e.g. Obama, is the right choice for a country that needs to move away from 8 years of G. W. Bush. And, it does not matter whether Obama is black or white. The Daily Mail published this picture in the Metro today which is from a campaign in New York to not make race an issue of the campaign:


Isn’t it comparable to have a new Labour PM in the UK after years of Torries? A social democrat in Germany after years of Kohl, Christian Democrats. Sometimes “change” is what you should be voting for.

I leave it to the people of America to decide, and I cannot wait to see the results in a few hours.

Who of the two will be a better president? I think that in a “melting pot of nations”, it is not about the race, origin and belief but about the personality and capability to motivate a country and lead it where it belongs. And, don’t forget, the UK is voting next year…and we will have a similar issue in regards to dynamic and age, won’t we?

Of course, that does not say that an older, more experienced statesman cannot motivate people. We shall see…