Viadeo – first review


After the summit last week I was asked by the guys from Viadeo to join the network. Their USP is to make sure that you can connect to local people in your city/country. At least that is how I understood it.

There we go. I had a go and added my own company cb consulting to my profile. Since I am the only employee, which of course the system does not know, to suggest me to connect to other employees of cb consulting would not make sense. Never mind I thought, I put all my other work experience in. However, again, I found 1 match in my city and then mainly French “alternative contacts”. With the system being French I was not surprised.

To find alumni from my university didn’t work either. All I got was a student at the university – not sure why someone from Aberdeen is actually coming up in the London network. Never mind, I now wanted to import my outlook contacts to see if anyone was there. But that is only possible by using Internet Explorer, not Firefox.

Finally, I got the system to connect to my gmail account. After a few minutes I added about 1,250 contacts of which 14 were Viadeo members. Most of those were recruitment consultants and the other ones were part of my network at Linkedin and Xing. So there is no need to have an additional network for me really.

As mentioned before, this is my first review. I will keep playing with the application but guess that I have more than enough contacts on other networks to add more and more social media playgrounds.

What is your experience? What are your thoughts?