weekend thoughts

There are a few thoughts in my head:

– we might be having our wee house in 2 weeks. how exciting!

– balamadana.com is going slowly, both Marcelo and I feel “clouded”, e.g. have too many things in our mind. Both hope to relax over the weekend.

– I was asked why I let people look into my life by writing a blog. I asked “why not” – not sure why, but I think I am a person that likes to share my life with others. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing here is that important to anyone but me. But I know people like to read it, so I carry on.

– I should write more about personal development. Thinking about that and currently I am not sure what to write. Again, am clouded.

– So this weekend is for relaxation. I tell you how it goes. We celebrate my and my friend’s birthday today. Hope the weather is going to be nice.

Speak later, Volker