weekend ?!


Just had a night of hell with the neighbours keeping us awake between 2 and 5 am! Not funny, not nice. Went down but they still would not be quiet, instead started laughing and banging doors.

Anyhow, need to escalate things here too. Have the feeling that at the moment I have to take care of so much stuff that is a total useless exercise, e.g. things that should not happen. I try to make sense of it but somehow it does not.

So, where did my weekend go? Working a bit Saturday, feels like I am getting a cold, got an Indian take away and did not sleep. Did the ironing, watched a TV show about “whether children need a father or lesbians should have children” and “connecting to the spirit of dead people”. Where is society going?

It is now the last ‘quarter’ of my weekend really. Will go into town to do some shopping, take my wife for a nice bite to eat and enjoy a few quiet hours before going back to a busy work schedule tomorrow.

Friday night was the best so far. Caught up with a really good friend, went for Indian tapas, a few glasses of wine. That was such a ‘blokes‘ night but really good.

What does that all have to do with www.cb-consulting.co.uk? Nothing really. Maybe a little about meaning of life and whether useless things bring a reason to things or not. Do I learn from being kept up all night? Do I learn from threatening people to take them to court?

Not really I think. Life could be very smooth, easy – but then this would be far too easy, wouldn’t it?

I am trying hard seeing good things coming off it but we shall see.

Enjoy the weekend.