Weight loss, Amazon, Pedometers and the walk…

This post is related to a few different topics.

First things first. Like so many out there it is time for me to shed some weight after I initially lost a few kilos prior to my wedding. See post last year.

We now have this excellent book about weight loss, the weight loss bible which we ordered at Amazon UK.

Reading this book I needed to get a pedometer. Really, I am obsessed to make my 10,000 steps a day. To do that, supposedly, is as good as moderate exercise. No more gym, just walking, up the escalators of the tube, down the stairs, around the park, up the stairs in the office, no more lifts…

So, before I thought which one to buy, I found one at Google….actually, Matt Cutt was blogging about an Omron Pedometer that comes with a software! Wow, I thought. If the guys from Google use it, then I should have one (no, I am not obsessed with Matt’s blog but like reading about his gadgets!).

A quick look to Amazon UK gave me this result. None available with Software. Never mind, I thought, why not order it from Germany? Amazon Germany gives you this result. No way to spend almost double than what Matt spent. So, why not order it at Amazon US? Even if it takes a week, with the Dollar being that weak, or the pound that strong, why not save some money and learn patience. But, they would not ship it outside the US.

At the end I went for the smaller version, without the software. It will be fine for a while. If I like it and make my 10,000 steps every day and need the software, I am sure I could get it at eBay – there was one last week 🙂

Summary: Amazon sells a product in the US that they would not ship to the UK but they do sell it in Germany. Odd? I just do not understand that. But, I am happy with it and made my first steps.

Why? Easy enough. Royal Mail seemed to have been too lazy to find our company on the digital company registry at our office this morning. I was in from 8 am awaiting my pedometer but no sign of it at 11. So, I went down to the receptionist who found a note saying “we could not deliver, you were out, dated 8:35”. No way, I said. Need to have my pedometer (I was almost crying, running up the stairs but did not count them).

After a few minutes on the phone to Royal Mail I made my way over to their post office by bus and walked the 2 miles back. Brilliant exercise for a lunch break and my first 2,500 steps. Only 7,500 more to go. And that was only half a day.

Final summary: If I keep on walking, missing mail and use my lunch breaks, 10,000 steps should be easy enough done.

I keep you posted, after I had my glass of wine, celebrating my pedometer (so I do not lose my weight too quickly).

Have a good night,