What a lucky man I am


Just thought this morning what a lucky man I am.
Reinhard Mey had a song related to this which translates similar to the following. Thought this is worth sharing.

Also, today is my Granddad’s birthday. That is if he was still alive, 102 he had been.

Here are the lyrics, Google translated and a bit refined. Surely you get the idea 😉

The last holiday evening in the sunny country, a last meal
together with the family in the restaurant: bread crumbs, half-full glasses,
red wine stains on tablecloths. Aten, drunk and, we
talked and laughed a lot, the last, but this time really last glass
brought, paintings and drawing on the tablecloth and the change in the tray already
in front of me. On the table next to us, only the grey haired couple from Texas,
these golf pants and “hair dryer hair cut”, of course! Throughout the evening, they looked over to us,
They pay and he stands next to me, bends down to me and says softly to me in a low voice:
“What a lucky man you are! ”

I want to say something, and I’m looking for the word, but they have gone with a smile.
I am sitting back in the chair
I look at the table with the large young man who gave me a smile, and I see
flashes in his eyes, dark humour and absurdity,
which seem like pranks and all my sadness of the world simultaneously.
Joker, do-gooder – a bit like I was – and I see myself
in him again, once a young fool. Yesterday I saw him still in me but
put in his seat today, […] “What a lucky man you are!”


Since the woman is at my side, which steers the ark with me, to me a
warm soul and gives me her wisdom, which I love and each
smallest word and every emotion I like, the friend, the accomplice, with me
together as “pitch and sulphur”, two against the whole world with which I
can pass through any life’s storm and every normal day. And I
sit here, still silent, even strange – there is a
Complete stranger at your table and makes you realize: you have everything you
wanted, everything in the world, how much unimportant stuff you often look at and worry about,
Look at it differently! Sometimes you need a stranger who puts a
mirror in front of you: “What a lucky man you are!”