What a week? Customer Service again….

Dear Readers, it is getting quieter around here. My apologies for that.

I just have been busy.

Regarding customer service there are more examples to add:

1) There is this horoscope service I accidentally signed up to on facebook with the result of me now getting text alerts. However, you have to tell them about 1,000,000 times to stop it and then they will…hopefully anyway.

2) There is a company we booked our discovery tours in Thailand with and they first had confirmed a tour, then did not pick us up. After accepting a different tour, that tour then was delayed and the taxi driver of the company would not get us back to the hotel as he got lost. However, me complaining to them just resulted after 6 weeks in an apology and after over 2 months in me not qualifying for refund. I finally got a phone number and a name in an office but the person does not answer the phone…..

Why are people and companies not nicer? I heard from several people that a big mobile network does give clients free stuff if they stay with them – why can’t my company be like that…I am now bound until August 2009 – will we still have mobiles then?

Anyhow, just thought I sum up my week – have been busy with work.

Volker Ballueder