What if all of your sales team performed like the top 5%?

The other day I had the conversation with a sales leader about coaching their team in productivity, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and general performance.

This discussion came on the back of an executive leadership coaching discussion I had with the management team. In this case they just went through a big transformation of the company.

The challenge was not very uncommon: the executive team and team leaders are either not trained in coaching their teams, or too busy. Time is a huge challenge for most of them. Transitions, mergers, acquisitions and general restructures affect the time they have to spend with their teams, and this ultimately has a negative impact on performance.

Most team performances goes up, if the team lead spends regular time and carry out 1:1 with their teams. This way they identify blockers they can resolve, and help them on their journey, motivate them to do better. This is what I have found in my 15 years in sales and client services life.

When I asked the question, what if all of your sales team performed like the top 5%, the eyes of the sales leader lit up. Imagine, she said, not only would we add 20% more revenue to the bottom line, the overall performance would increase as the team would be more motivated.

Now, there is no one size fits all solution for any sales or account management team. But there are so many things you can do with a team, in order to just get them to perform better. Motivation, goal alignment, culture, breaks, mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), or modelling the top performers, teaching those skills to the team.

Whatever it takes, to get the whole team to perform like the top 5%, we will work with you to make it happen. Just give us a call or a drop us an email to arrange an initial chat. Bespoke programmes are available, starting with your executive team, working the way into your teams. A holistic approach always works best. But let’s talk and see what works.

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