What is RTB and why is it useful?

This article was written by me for iMedia connection, so the original article about RTB: what is it about and why is it useful? can be found there.

It is a top level article which sheds some light on what real time bidding (RTB) is all about from a marketing point of view. No technical insights, just a general overview on why it is useful to the advertiser and agencies running online display media campaigns. Everyone seems to be talking about it, but how does it help you?

The reader should understand the advantages of RTB and why it will help your campaign improve its performance, its visibility and efficiency. The transparency and increased performance are the key points to take away, as you will see a better ROI from your advertising spend and hence a better performance. Whether this is for direct response or branding campaigns.

Overall, the key is not to only have one technology to work across the RTB platforms but the team that is capable of using the technology and utilise it. If you think of an analogy like Formula 1: it is not only the car that matters but also the driver behind the wheel and the support team that steers the success.