Why am I a Buddhist?

As most of you know I feel being a Buddhist. And, I see Buddhism as part of my life.

My personal development trainings I offer with cb consulting are based on the compassion and love I give to any living being.

Just recently I wrote an article on my other blog about “Buddhism – Why am I a Buddhist“?

My Christian values, the moral life I got from there, combined with my drive for personal development, made me find a home in Buddhism.

The 5 percepts of Buddhism fit in with my moral life and the idea of helping others, to gain happiness and wisdom, is something that you should share with everyone. Buddhism, and of course other religions, let you do that. However, Buddhism is more of a “way of life” for me rather than a “strict religious view”.

Please read the article on my other blog and leave a comment. Curious to hear what you think!

Love and Kindness