Why garlic is good for you!

Stricken down with a flu/cold or whatever bug it is – making me feel that bad that I had to stay off work. I don’t like to be off work, particularly as it was the first time in 12 months I had to take a day off sick.

However, a lot of people say that garlic is good for you. I was always wondering why although I use it as my home remedy. My wife does not like it though 🙂

There is an article at this site and it says that garlic supports the killer cells, the ones attacking the incoming virus. And, garlic helps reducing the bad cholestorol. Overall, very very healthy. They say that garlic can even help you with weight loss.

However, similar to alcohol it is absorbed by the stomach, e.g. it makes you feel rather sick if you have too much. Really like alcohol then, isn’t it?

So, now we know 🙂