wine cellar – the ultimate solution

When moving into a new place, the most important question for some is – what to do with the good wine?

There is no basement in our house, so we need to think of something…..
I found the perfect solution which, unfortunately, costs a fortune. But, it is very clever:

Spiral Cellars offers a great solution. Different sizes, different ways of entering the cellar and the ability to store almost 2,000 bottles of wine. How amazing is that?

Only problem is the price. If you spend £20,000 on a wine cellar and try to sell your house at some point to someone who does not like wine, the ROI is nil. And, before adding a wine cellar, I believe my wife would prefer to add the loft conversion.

Still, fascinating thought to have a secret wine cellar underneath your living room.

All I need to do now is find a nice place where I can store my wine…..

Have a great week.

Volker Ballueder