Wine for just over £10 – Glorioso Rioja

I have been careful with Rioja lately but my wife decided to pick the Glorioso Rioja from Oddbins. And, I have to admit, a good choice. glorioso rioja It reminded her and me of our holiday in Spain where we had fabulous Rioja.

Oddvins charges 11.99 unless you buy in dozens. This Rioja is made in a traditional style (they say) and tastes like a nice Rioja should taste: liquorice and dried fruits, round and persistent in the mouth with ripe tannis. I would call it a medium to dark bodied wine. It is of course made from the Tempranillo grapes and aged for 36 months, then afterwards for another 12 months in French oak barrels, hence the Reserva aspect 😉

With 13.5% it is a bit on the heavy side but I believe the 2003 wines from Spain are.

I think this is definitely a wine we would buy again, with a nice Sunday roast or just with a few slices of cheese and jam, Serrano ham and olives. Just need some hotter weather 🙂