Wine for under £10 – Bonarda Sangiovese

After last week’s special wine, this wine hardly made it into my recommendation list.

I am a big fan of South American, particular Argentinian wines, but Bonarda Sangiovese disappointed me a bit. The first taste was slightly cheap, sour tasting. After about half an hour the wine seemed to have breathed enough and it tasted very nicely, almost fruity.

bonarda sagniovese Waitrose sells this wine for £6.64 and possibly that is why I put the wine in my weekly column.

For a wine that costs less than £7 on a regular base and has a decent taste, it surely is worthwhile mentioning. Maybe not a wine you should have with nice food, nibbles whilst relaxing and reading a good book. But surely a wine you can have with friends, a good meal or with a BBQ. Nothing to impress though. Waitrose recommends this wine with pizza or tomato-based pasta dishes.

It is a well-made organic red made from equal amounts of the traditional Italian grape varieties Bonarda and Sangiovese. This might be the reason why I am not that keen on it. I haven’t yet found an Italian wine that strikes me as being irresistible. Either I have not tried enough or maybe they just don’t produce my taste.

Matthew Jukes, Daily Mail, 23 August 2008, reviews the wine as:
Crammed with smooth blackberry and cranberry notes, this is an exceptional summer red wine, which loves being cooled in an ice bucket. (2007 vintage)

Again, I am not a big fan of light wines, particularly if you are trying to cool them down. Common maybe for these grapes in the summer, just not my taste.