Wine for under £10 – Pizzorno

Following the series about wines for under ten pounds, here is another wine review of a lovely wine.

A Merlot Tannat, 2006, from Uruguay, called Pizzorno.


I wrote about the Tannat grape before and how impressed I am with it. For under seven pounds this wine gives a different hint of the Tannat grape as it is mixed with Merlot. It almost makes the wine a bit sweet tasting.

Tannat is allegedly Uruguay’s flagship grape. Bright crimson red with a purple hue. The aromas you get from the Pizzorno are raspberry compote and elder flower, marry with hints of plum and rosemary. The palate is rich in its flavours of plum, chocolate and new tobacco, complemented by smooth tannis and good acidity, which lead into a lingering finish.

I have to admit, this combination of grapes really brings out a boost of flavours. Whilst I tried it on its own, I am convinced it would go well with strong flavoured food, such as game, red meat even and strong cheese. The latter I believe will always be on my list for wine.

You find further information about the vineyard on the Pizzorno Family Estate site.