Wine for under £10 – Ravenswood Zinfandel

You might have noticed that I have been reviewing a lot of wines from Waitrose lately. This is because the Tesco selection seems to lack depth and high quality wines for good prices. Waitrose still offers you some nice gems.

The one today is a Ravenswood Zinfandel for £8.54. I thought I had written more about Zinfandel wines before but could only discover this article about the London Borough Market. I will write more about this fantastic grape as I love Zinfandel wines and have ordered wines directly from sunny California to be shipped here. And the effort and money was more than well worth it! The Boisdale got me hooked on it!

ravenswood zinfandel The Ravenswood Zinfandel is not the best of the best Zinfandel I have tried but for this price gives you a very decent, nice tasting, refreshing Zinfandel.

Rich, sweet, ripe fruit dominates the palate which is perfectly matched to the soft oaky flavours imparted by French and American wood. Great with steaks or burgers. – this description from the winery is typical for Zinfandel and yes, the Americans like wine with steak and burgers. And I don’t blame them! Maybe something we need to adopt to more in Europe. We are used to seeing BBQ food as being cheap and pair it with beer. It really depends what you put in the meat! But maybe this is going off topic now 😉

Tim Atikin from the Observer reviewed the wine:
This is just the right side of being jammy. Ripe, rich apple fruit with an oaky nose. Light acidity with length. (2005 vintage)

And Brian Moore from the Sun:
The oak taste is just right, not blotting out the lovely Zinfandel grape. The British are not used to this grape, but try it and you may just fall in love with it.

The latter quote shows that the British don’t seem to like these heavy wines that can be drunk with chunky pieces of good meat, even if it is hot outside. I believe this taste will change when supermarkets sell more of the American and South American heavy red wines additional to the Australian ones they already do. If that happens and they add more South African wines on the table, they surely will take over and we get used to having more heavy reds on the table. And, I guarantee, we will be loving them!