Wine for under £10 – Robert Mondavi Shiraz

I was confident I had written about the Robert Mondavi, Woodbridge, Zinfandel before, which my wife and I stocked up on for a while when Tesco reduced its price to less than £5. However, I could not find it, but what we did find at Tesco the other day was the Woodbridge Shiraz.

Mondavi Shiraz I don’t believe for anyone interested in wine, Robert Mondavi and his vinery are well known. It was mostly down to him that California and Nappa Valley got a good reputation for nice wines.

This Shiraz, a 2006, is lovely. Rich, fruity and spicy as it should be for a Californian Shiraz. Waitrose describes it as “A rich and spicy Shiraz with wonderful flavours of black fruits, black pepper and sweet spices. It is full-bodied and has a round, soft texture, an inky colour and a lingering finish. Enjoy with marinated spare-ribs and roasted tomatoes.

My wife and I like it with meat dishes but also by its own. A bit too light for my liking to just drink it by itself but in the hot and humid weather we had in London, it is a light heavy wine if that makes sense. It is not too heavy not be be drunken in the humid and hot weather, but not too light that you would call it a summer wine. Hope that makes sense.

As most Robert Mondavi wines, you cannot go wrong with it. And, with it having been reduced to I believe almost £5 when I stocked up on it, a real bargain. We have enough for a few months 🙂