Wine for under a tenner: Hardy’s Nottage Hill

Ok, this week’s wine is not the finest and whilst I am not 100% sure, but I think I paid £5.99 at the most. Hardy’s makes wine for the mass market and I was reluctant to pick it up but with a big discount and two of my favourite grapes, I got myself a few bottles of Hardy’s Nottage Hill Shiraz Tempranillo 2006. Hardys Nottage Hill

Hardy’s Nottage Hill just had their 40th birthday, however Hardy’s makes wine for over 150 years. It is a full bodied wine, not too heavy, with aromatic fruit flavours of black cherry, plum and blueberry with rich chocolate nuances. It is very well rounded, my wife absolutely loved it. With 14% alcohol vol it is on the heavy side but I don’t really remember a light wine for a good while.

I was positively surprised about the value for money and the quality of the wine, knowing Hardy’s only from their cheap “one wine fits all” approach.

At time of writing it was going for £6.88 per bottle but I am sure you can pick it up cheaper if you wait for an offer at one of the bigger super markets. Nothing special but just a nice wine.