Yalumba Octavius 2000

Now, this is a special wine!

The Octavius Barossa Old Vine Shiraz 2000. YalumbaOctavius

Robert Parker, in the Wine Advocate #155 (Oct 2004) describes it as:
“The 2000 Shiraz Octavius possesses earthy, peppery aromatics revealing notions of smoke, melted asphalt/creosote, plums, currants, figs, and loamy soil. While medium to full-bodied, with moderate tannin as well as an excellent finish, it is not as outstanding as the brilliant 1998 and 1999 Octavius, or even the 2001.”

My wife bought it for a special occasion and we had it a few weeks ago. It is an amazing wine, well worth the money. We spent around £40 for it, one of the most expensive wines I have had so far.

Yalumba do a few very good wines. I wrote about the Katnook Estate Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon not too long ago.

The Octavius is made from grapes from old vineyards in the Barossa and Eden Valley, matured in American Oak with only 90 liters capacity. This is very uncommonly small for American Oak barrels. And these barrels are seasoned for 8 years at Yalumba before they are used for this special wine so that the oak won’t take over the wine’s taste.

Yalumba’s leaflet describes the wine being dense, plummy red in colour. Delicious sweet fruits of the forest aromas dominate the nose with hints of white pepper and vanillin, complimented by fine smoky toasted oak overtones. The palate is big, rich and sweet, with fleshy plums and a long lingering licorice flavour supported by intense tannins to finish.

I don’t think I can add much more to this. Having had this wine makes me realise how much you can do with grapes and the right treatment. Having had a Isla Negra for 3.99 yesterday which makes a wine good enough to share around a BBQ, it just doesn’t come close to a properly harvested, cared for and treated great wine.

The Yalumba Ocatvius is a special of the better wines which makes you appreciate dark, heavy (13.5% alcohol) wines with a spicy and berry taste. Lovely. Absolutely lovely.