Zoom Airline collapses and IE8 problems


There are two things to mention here:

1) I am sad that Zoom Airline collapsed. We used it to get to Toronto 2 years ago and it was a good flight, nice staff and great atmosphere. Shame that a “no frills” international airline needs to shut down. Ach well, that is capitalism for you 🙂

2) I openend the link from the BBC News website in the Internet Explorer 8 which I downloaded yesterday. The result is that some of the frames do not show up and some text is blended into the pictures. Works fine in firefox!

I tried opening my gmail account on IE8 and could only get the standard view. Shame Microsoft offers programms that do not work with very popular email accounts, then again competitor email accounts, and with one of the most favourite news sites….ts ts ts

I recommend Firefox and Gmail – but that is my very personal opinion.