Sunday Column (360)

Writing this post in the aftermath of the terror attacks of Paris is hard. No, I didn’t know anyone that was directly affected. Yes, I know people who know people. I have clients who were affected. My thoughts are with you all. And I love the fact that people on Social Media show their support. I also love the fact that France still committed to taking on refugees from Syria. Together we stand and fight terrorism. In whichever shape or form.

It is a terrible scenario which leaves me speechless.
A friend on Facebook said he survived Madrid, London and now Paris. I have been in London when the bombs went off here. One never forgets. Let’s hope this won’t happen again.

You don’t know. You cannot give in. I am going to Germany next week. They evacuated a football stadium in Germany, diverted two French planes from New York to Paris, they will cancel more events and evacuate more places. We are at war.

It is a new war. No one is safe and no one should give in. There cannot be a religious motivation to kill anybody. Again, this was widely acknowledged on Facebook. Whoever is after killing others is sick. What has the world come to?


I shared a few posts on Facebook this week. We are dealing with a minority, unfortunately the minority has a high impact on our lives. And I am not getting into a political debate, never have done, and never will. I am not a politician, I hate war, aggression and love peace and friendship. I am probably one of 99% of the world’s population.

And we shall not forget that in other parts of the world terrorism has been killing loads more. In other countries those attacks are part of your day. This is even harder to imagine, of course because it is far away, yet it doesn’t make it better. One video I watched from some Pakistani kids nicely said, that actually they are dealing with the same problems we are dealing with in Europe. They have the same every day problem we are having, and terrorism is just one of them. United we stand!

Let’s hope that we get through this chapter of world history together. Let’s hope we get through it safely for the sake of our children and the children and next generation of the baddies. They deserve it as well, and they deserve to live in a peaceful planet. Or don’t they? What do the children of the terrorist got to do with war? Nothing. Neither do German kids of the war generation have any association with the war either. We will get through it. United!

I am a firm believer that when your time is up your time is up. That’s it. You cannot be scared of dying. And, honestly, you shouldn’t be. It is harder for the people that remain, than for you. You will never know. But let’s not think about it and hope we all come through it together. Let’s try to not think about it and focus on the time we have with our families. This time is precious.

Anyway, the highlights this week: my children! I looooove my kids and my wife too, but she wasn’t there. So we had a men’s weekend. Pizza on Friday night, fun and games and good food and shenanigans all weekend. Despite the younger one recovering from a cold/flu and the older one having one. This time of year, bugs and all. Being able to spend a whole weekend with the boys was fantastic. They are at this stage where I can play with them, discuss things, challenge their minds and brains and their thinking. It is so much fun to just do things. That wasn’t always the case, hence I am super excited. Plus, in times like these, we should put the effort and time in, as this is what we live for!

Of course we were glad, not only me but also the kids, when mum was back, but it was great whilst it lasted :-) The opportunity to be able to just spend quality time with your children is something you need to make use of. Building the bond, building trust. And it only gets better over time.

With that high I wish you all a successful and friendly, a peaceful week.


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Sunday Column (359)

What a gloomy Sunday. Saturday was so dark and cold, we put the fire on all day – it is nice and relaxing, calming yet it should be either a bit lighter or a bit colder – this weather just really sits in between autumn and winter. And it is wet. Yet, despite all that my wife did a 10K run today. Well done you!

The week was full of travel, yet it was actually very pleasant. I left the UK Monday evening to go to a conference in Hamburg. Easyjet seems to have a winter schedule, where they fly evenings rather than early mornings. So I got away for three nights. I prefer early morning but hey, all about being organised.

The conference was amazing. Of course it was because I was speaking but really it was because there was a room of people interested in cross device tracking and the break down of silos: offline/online. I do really like what I do. I love my job (and not only saying that), as we are able to connect offline to online marketing, targeted advertising. So this conference went down as a treat, getting to know lots of different view points within the industry.

Tracks conference

I also managed to do a 10K run in the dark. Given it was a bit windy and misty, it was a fun run. I managed to do a personal best with an average of around 4:52 per kilometre which is quite good. Really enjoy pushing myself to get fit for my challenge next year. However, maybe I overdid it a bit doing it that early before the conference. Never mind. It felt awesome at the time.

Then I met lots of interesting people. Old university friends from within the industry, old friends, industry friends who I knew since 2006 and so on. Online and Digital marketing is such a small industry. And everyone knows everyone and knows someone who worked with some mate….

Overall a fantastic week. Yet, again, I was away from the family. Packing my suitcase with lots of German sweets works to get the love from the kids, but the sweets still don’t replace me when I am away. They need and want me to be at home. Finding that balance is still difficult and being able to switch off from work when being home. I am working on it and yet was very happy to be home on Thursday night. I missed them too! And my wife of course.

A new rule sees me to stop being on my phone during the weekends and really engaging with them. We are playing UNO, paw patrol, and mock about.

Friday was another busy day in the office before a well deserved, if I may say so, weekend. At the weekend we met some friends and I got a long overdue sports massage, trying to sort out a sore back thanks to my chiropractor. I was a success. We met friends but due to the weather just sat around really, chatting and catching up whilst the kids were playing.

I am very proud of my wife, I have to say. The 10K now, and her ambition to run a half marathon next year. I love her and she is an inspiration for myself, the boys and many of her friends to get fit, stay healthy and look stunning :-) Well done!

That sums up another week. Writing this whilst sitting at the airport waiting for my flight….I don’t mind travelling, as the best part is coming home. At least that is true for non holiday flights 😉

Have a fantastic week,

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Sunday Column (348)

Another week full of travel. I am getting used to sleeping in hotels again, and somewhat enjoys it to be honest. It feels like you getting a lot of work done and making progress constantly. Being connected these days via 4G, 3G or wifi makes working on the road so much more pleasant than only a few years ago, not to mention 10 years ago when wifi in hotels was the exception rather than the rule.

Next week I am off again to speak at a conference on breaking in the offline and online silos – connecting TV to digital marketing. I am exciting.

For me, with my 5 am routine, I am up early anyway. So even if I take the red eye to Europe, I have time for my daily exercise and meditation practise before the taxi picks me up.

I often take a moment before I sneak out the door to check on the boys, to tug them under the blanket, sit at their bed or watch them for a few seconds. It is a feeling of wanting to protecting them from the cold or any evil by pulling the blanket back up. They don’t worry half as much as we do about things. Their sleep must be a lot more peaceful than ours. Sometimes they talk and you get the feeling they are awake or sense you are there. I am sure they do. Life must be a lot simpler as a child, wouldn’t you think. A shame we don’t really remember ourselves. Those moments are precious and it almost seems as if your life comes to a stand still, is put on hold, even for only a split second.

When I am out of town I miss the boys. They don’t really yet want to speak to me on the phone. I look back, to think of the day they were born for instance. Little did I know how to hold a baby then, and still today I am not comfortable to hold a newborn. I didn’t have any experience or confidence. It all changed, and now I am sitting with them prior to going to work to understand what makes their life tick, what they enjoy in school or why or if they were sent to the head office.

There are new challenges as parents. Speaking to a friend the other day, I understand that as they get older their rooms, requirements, furniture etc. will all change for them. Life isn’t static, you never finish bringing them up or caring for them. There are new things to master. Life is something I know more about than baby things. I can now help them more, to understand life, to figure out what they like to do, make them better humans and participate in their life. I can mentor and teach them, offering guidance and support.

Happiness Father

The challenge is on. The next 10-15 years I will be spending making them better human beings if they want to listen to me and be willing to speak to me. And if not, we will have different conversations. Who knows what life will have in stock for us?

What a unique opportunity is given to us parents. To influence. To engage. To love and connect. A growing connection of trust. Seeing on a daily basis how their thinking changes. How they evolve and become adults.

We shouldn’t wish life away. I enjoy it. Every minute of it. The now – when did you last press the pause button and reflect on your life to see how grateful you should be. How great is life? How much has life given you and is giving you right now? Reflect on what you have, and cherish what you have. Share it with the ones that are less fortunate. Isn’t that what happiness is all about?

And pay? Yes you get paid for your efforts. My oldest wrote me the sweetest note the other day. Without anyone suggesting it to him, he wrote a note that I am ‘the best daddy in the world’ and ‘thank you for my new bed’ (note: we got him a new bed you might have guessed). It moves me deeply to see so much understanding of the world from my own son. For him to think of this and share the love. Encouraging that behaviour, praising it, will hopefully lead to a great human being as a grown up that will make a difference. However small.

And one day they will be grown up. Coming home from college, university or visit with their own family. And that is when I want to lean back and see in my sons what I see in myself, now. The ability to influence, to enjoy life and love unconditionally.

Whilst I am thinking about this, I grab my bag and look one last time at their peaceful expression, sleeping, all tucked up. I will be back, I am back home soon. The taxi is waiting and I leave into the dark night for another red eye and the joys of travel.

Have a wonderful week. Pause for a moment and enjoy what you have, what life is giving you.

Love and Happiness from my corner of the world,

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Sunday Column (347)

What a relaxing week lies behind me, or does it? It was half term and I was off from Friday until Friday, e.g. back to work on a Friday. Why wouldn’t you? The main reason for that was that I am off on a business trip Monday and wanted to catch up on things prior to that. Plus a biggish presentation that day too. From Thursday of course, to make sure I am on top of things and hit a few deadlines, I was catching up already…life doesn’t stop. I guess that is a good thing, or is it?

My parents were over to visit over the first weekend of half term. It was nice to catch up and do things together as a family. My kids really enjoyed having the grandparents over! So did we. Looking back at what happened in my childhood, looking forward to what might come for us in life moving forward. And, life is far from over of course! But it helps to look back and take stock every now and then. It still is difficult to understand life as a whole and the journey we are on.

A song that stroke a chord with me this week, particularly in that respect, was Adele’s new album’s pre-release ‘Hello’.

It brings back some memories of starting over, changing things, forgetting things, doing things for the sake of pleasing people etc. To look back. To take stock. I cannot wait to listen to the whole album which I pre-ordered. Her voice is amazing. Her storytelling, at least in this song and older songs, is amazing. When you start to settle down, to root yourself, you start coping with your past. In a good and bad way of course, coping could just mean to forget, but it can also mean to cherish. Once you moved on, you moved on. The past is gone. The now is here. Anyway, let’s not get too sentimental. We are only 1/3 into the post :-)

Also, I made an investment this week. An investment into a new jacket that should keep me dry and warm from the elements. If I think back when I got my (cheapish) rain jacket 6 or 8 years ago, I thought it will last me forever, and at a bargain. I also thought that my good old Barbour would last me forever. Latter still does yet at a price of being heavy. Former gave up on me in the latest storm. So a new GoreTex Berghaus jacket should last me at least 10 years – remind me then, column 850 – yet I am hopeful. I am not sure if the weather got worse or if it just that I am more used to go out in the wild, into the wet, now that I live in the country side? I enjoy being out there, exposed, yet warm and dry underneath my outer layer. Maybe a bit odd to bring up so much love for a jacket, but given the colder, windier times ahead, this is what I need :-)

Halloween happened too – I am not the biggest fan – but enjoyed the trick or treat round in Hassocks plus the party in the neighbourhood, getting together with people. The foggy air and wine did the rest to make it a spooky night. The kids of course, and if you follow my wife on social media, loved it! My wife even did a dressed up 5K run. Well done!


We also had the fire on a few times this week. It measured 30 degrees in the living room in front of the wood burner. The best investment yet. Similar to the jacket, it keeps us warm regardless of the elements, regardless whether the heating is working or not. And it saves on the gas bill too :-) The reason why I bring this up are manifold, yet one is really that I feel at home, cosy and warm – it is good to have those roots, this base.

Then it comes down to a fundamental thought of being self sufficient. The old hippy way. To have warm water, a warm shelter and a roof over your head to keep you from the elements. A place to bring up a family, a place that is safe, a place that is home. And that is what I have been thinking a lot about this week. The lucky position we are in. The situation we have chosen, the love we have been given. And to share that out to the world in return. We have been given an awful lot of ‘old’ stuff this week for very little in return, and when we used that (cloths, books, toys), we will pass it on. A generational contract, without written words, that tie in with the old stories of above. A circle of life really. We can now get a bit more sentimental coming to the end of the post 😉

This week for me is about closing the loop. To accept that there is no beginning and no end but an ongoing loop of love, sharing and happiness. We all play a part in the overall theme. Some of us more, some less. Everyone plays it differently. Everyone is different. That is what life is all about for me. It is not about hoarding for a rainy day, but more to be prepared for a rainy day. Whether that is in form of a jacket, shelter or a simple smile and hug, a few pennies in the bank, is up to you. Life is of what you make of it and how you connect the dots for your own past, your now and how you might connect them moving forward.

Life is amazing.

Close the loop and enjoy the ride!
Happy November,

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Sunday Column (346)

Starting the week with a day trip, whether to Paris or anywhere really, sets you up for the week. A little bit like a 5am routine for the day, a day trip to Europe is for your week. You feel energised and ready to take on the world. It is that feeling of accomplishment, the feeling of achievement. That’s why I enjoy doing what I am doing. That’s why I enjoy productivity, sales and leadership. Because you know you are the one moving the needle.

Of course, given it was a 15 hour day, it was tiring too :-) Yet it was a successful trip, and it is what I enjoy really.

So the rest of the week flew past. No punt intended. I noticed my 12K from the weekend, some early training for my Dawn Wall (see last week for context) exhausted me a bit more than anticipated. However, and this isn’t a moan about the man flu, but there are a few bugs going around. So far I have avoided to be off work or feel bad, but something seems to be lingering around for a few weeks. I am certain it all comes out, literally, given recent stories at school, when we break for half term tomorrow. Yet, with some more nice weather on the way, I am eager to do more training outside. Just difficult at 5 am as it is a bit dark still, so my 7.5K on Thursday on the treadmill was a pleasant ‘walk in the park’. Again, a feeling of achievement to be able to do your run first thing.

Another mile stone this week was our 8 year anniversary. Sometimes hard to believe that you can spend over 10 beautiful years together with as little fights as my wife and I have. Who would have guessed anyone would ever be able to cope with me for such a long period of time 😉 I guess that makes her extra special. My wife is a very special person and we have experienced so much together, ups and downs, yet it has been a wonderful time so far. And I am more than certain there are many more years to come. I love you Jenny.


On that note, one sometimes wonders if there is a higher force that sorts out your partner. We know people come into your life for a reason and people leave it for a reason, I mean not dying but entering your life, you learn/laugh/chat together, then they disappear forever. Some stay and some are your life time partner. Is that all down to chance? Why do some never find a perfect match?

I guess this is a philosophical question, similar to who do you meet at university and where do you find your first job. This can determine your whole career and 50 years ahead. The small things in life, the piece of chance, luck or destiny that shape your life. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Let’s not get sentimental…yet the picture above shows our new family partner. We picked him up on Friday – not really a replacement for Rosie, and it never can be, but my wife always had cats, and the last cat we had to re-home because of the dog. I am sure he will settle in fine, and the kids will love him.

The end of the week marked the start of half term. I was actually off from Friday! The kids needing the time off. So do I to be honest. It has been a long time since my last break with lots of changes since. So just before we really hit Q4 I am taking a week off. My parents arrived with lots of wine, filling up the shelves. Plus it gave us an opportunity, my wife and I, to celebrate mentioned anniversary. They are staying for a few days which gives the kids and us a great chance to spend some quality family time together.

As I grow older family time becomes more important. Not that work becomes less important, it is more that other things take priority. I am still working on my career, probably always will, but being able to see my kid’s harvest festival performance, being there when they need someone to talk to or just reading about the ‘burgling cat’ before going to work. Those precious moments are never there to return.

That is life. And I really loving it. I love to be in the middle of it, falling on my back, like a dog in the mud, and really enjoy life for the reason of love and friendships.

Buddha bless,

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Sunday Column (345)

This was a good and successful week!

Having a purpose in life and finding your identity is a great skill to have. Just this week I finished reading another book on destiny and success. On how to structure your life and thoughts to achieve what you want to achieve. I started writing more seriously on my second book and finished drafts for the first chapter. Onwards and upwards. Nothing like getting things done early morning on the train to set yourself up for the day.

Somewhat I got carried away with a few wine and ale nights, yet again managed to catch up with loads of people and done some great networking. Amazing.

On the opposite side of things I did sign up for a 24 hour run. My challenge in 2016. A team of people to run a relay of 10K for 24 hours. This is going to be my ‘wall’ – Kevin Jorgenson spoke about his free climb record at a conference this year and suggested everyone should have a ‘wall’. 280 days to go.

Q4 is in full swing with lots of different ups and downs, meetings being moved, cancelled and decisions for next year to be made. Yet on top of that I managed to network with great people, spend time having coffee with key influencers and made some significant progress. Things are moving in a very right direction, and I enjoy the buzz of Q4 and the industry as a whole.

Then I helped someone very close with an application and the next step in life. This gives me much satisfaction to actually being able to influence one’s future and helping someone to find their purpose, identify and future. That plus helping with career choice, selling oneself and assisting to go beyond your comfort zone. I enjoy doing that.

I am happy. I enjoy my family and had a great morning this week when my youngest woke up early and didn’t want to go back to bed. So we had breakfast together, lots of cuddles and read a few books. All that before the rest of the family woke up. It was a special morning, a special time and connection. I cherish those moments and I am now able to push work and disturbance aside to truly be with him in the moment.

This is important for me, and it is so important to give kids this undivided attention. I am grateful for being able to do that, and my weekends have changed a lot since I got kids. They are my main priority. They are what my weekends are made of!

Making the progress both at home and at work satisfies me deeply. Building lasting relationship and being approached for a big project make me realise what I read in the recent book: the best time of your career is to come from 40 years onwards, and you reach your prime when you are 50+. Yes, let’s go for it and really ramp it up over the next couple of years to avoid the mid life crisis and make life happen. And, it is happening already!

I am up for it, are you? How far can I push myself? What else can I achieve?


As you might be able to tell, I am buzzing with excitement what life still has to offer. That is without losing focus on what life offers now! I managed my runs this week. I had endless discussions around what is the best thing to do and what I want to achieve with my running. For me this is about fitness, not about running distances, yet I will utilise it for my challenge.

At the weekend we managed to catch up with an old mentor of mine from university. She now lives with her family fairly close by. It was good to see her and catch up on how life has changed over the past 10+ years. We both got married, have kids, established in our jobs etc. Chewing the fat with someone who knows you when your main purpose in life and your identity was different. Changing your identity and belief systems are key to success. Being able to realise that you can influence anything in life and that being fit and healthy can be a life style choice rather than something you think you can never achieve, is a realisation that came to me over the last few years.

I finish the first draft of this post as I pull into Victoria station in London on Friday. It is a gloomy day, but it is Friday and I am looking forward to the weekend and finishing off some key projects at work. It is a day filled with meetings around video and data. Not a boring day at all 😉

Hope you had an amazing week yourself!

Stay well,

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Sunday Column (344)

This week was crazy.
When you do what you have to do and you just don’t feel the way you are supposed to be feeling, then weeks are no fun :-( Essentially what I am trying to say is that this week I was just shattered. There are loads of bugs going around but I don’t feel ill. I just feel tired. You know that feeling when you hardly sleep and eat? I did that too, on top of this bug.

lego campervan

Anyway, it also was a fund week. We went to a business trip to Madrid. One gets up at 4:30, does the kettle bell training, feeling a bit under the weather, and before you know it you are in Madrid, have meetings and end up in a Tapas bar until 1 am understanding the Spanish market potential. I enjoy going to Spain as I believe that this market, similar to Italy, has a huge potential for adtech technology. Often, companies focus on France and Germany after the UK, yet there is a huge amount of wins to gain in Italy and Spain. Anyway, a successful trip!

Of course, as it has been lately with hotels, I didn’t sleep great. Whilst we were upgraded to a nice junior suite it turned out to be next to the elevator. So I was tired on Wednesday to say the least. The elevator went all night, and of course from around 6 am all the time. No sleep. A bug. A busy day….don’t get me started.

Also this week I did a proper fast day which properly didn’t help my energy levels. That was on Monday, when I normally have some kind of fruit smoothie to get me through the day. So no surprise I went to bed early on Friday and Saturday night.

Were there any highlights this week? Oh yes, there were.

My youngest loves acting and for the annual harvest festival they are practising “Singing in the Rain” – he does a fantastic job in re-acting it. I am a very proud dad.

He loves acting, always loved singing and music and dancing. It is so much fun to watch him! I cannot wait to see the performance. Also, on Saturday the boys, as they had a tough week too, wanted to spend some of their pocket money. So off we went to Brighton go get some LEGO and paw patrol toys. C amazed me with the speed and accuracy he put a quite complex LEGO helicopter together. I was more tempted for the campervan but hope Oma and Opa buy me one for Christmas 😉

Another positive thing was that my wife made me proud too. She participated in the 5K Colour Run in Brighton. She signed up for that ages ago, and I am very proud she did that run. The boys loved seeing her on the run and from what we learned, this could be a great family race in the future to get the boys involved and us all going for a fun run together. A lot of people walked so no harm in taking youngsters. That all was complimented by probably one of the best ‘pub’ lunches I had for ages!

So overall we made a day out of it and enjoyed a splendid family weekend. Some venison burger cooking, some satay chicken, some shrimps on toast. Yes, I enjoyed the relaxing days off, I needed them and I recovered a bit too.

That’s all for now folks, so hope your week was better. I heard of so many people having had the flu and were properly ill, so hopefully that’s not to come.


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Sunday Column (343)

What a beautiful weather we had this week. Astonishing, like a second summer, we had some sunshine, warm lunch breaks, and actually I took some lunch breaks too. It was a good week from that perspective. I got a lot done. At the weekend, however, the weather was misty cold, so we had the fire on all Saturday. Cosy warm home….country life 😉

Then, I returned my Oyster Card this week. After registering my Amex as paperless payment card on the tube and using it through Apple Pay on my phone, there is no longer a need for Oyster. However, whilst you easily get a refund into your bank account online, there are only three (!) staffed stations left in London where you can get a ‘manual’ one which involves you bringing a proof of address to show it is actually your card.

I also managed to live without cash for another week. Apple Pay plus card payment make it possible. Whilst it isn’t so much of a challenge, it is more that I feel that the 21st century is happening. Cash, notes and coins will be on their way out. Contactless, paperless on its way in.

On that note, I finally got myself my train travel card on the keycard, e.g. a contactless card. Therefore, no more paper tickets and only one wallet, which is the smallest in the world. I am downsizing.

So last Sunday I upgraded my phone. It was easy to do and I am now the trend setter with the latest Apple iPhone 6s. Nothing special to report on it, but that it makes good photos, is my personal computer and has Apple Pay 😉 Since my iPad was getting old, I traded in my old phone, old iPad and upgraded to the ipad4 mini, which is just a bit easier to commute with and a lot quicker. Again, whilst I was super excited getting all the gadgets, I just need them to work and do what I would like them to do. And they are working fine! On Wednesday Apple released it latest OX, so I am now up to date once again.

At time of writing I am looking back to today and my wife was running an 8K race on Sunday. I am very proud of her, particularly since she has had the bike accident and is now almost back to normal, despite a cracked rib and all. Well done! Our/her transformation from us being a couple, going out most nights, hanging out with friends to having/being family, both being very active and healthy, has been a long time coming. We enjoy our new life style, lost weight and feel better about ourselves. Maybe a normal transformation, yet I wouldn’t have guessed that a few years ago. And, who knows. She managed 8K in under 50 minutes, maybe we celebrate her birthday doing a half marathon in Brighton :-)

It comes down to identify a purpose, as well as drive to achieve those purposes. Most of our identity is determined by external factors like upbringing, family and social environment – however with the help of coaching, new goals and (positive) influence, one can change habits and routines, one changes one’s personality. I have been reading a bit about this and will incorporate this into my next book about personal development and productivity.

The works side of things was interesting. It is forecast season and ‘process’ season. Latter caused, as it often is, some challenges, but nothing I didn’t enjoy :-p Forecasting is often something salespeople dread and I suppose I am not an exception. With plenty of support and understanding for new product lines, I think we managed alright. We finished it on Friday night.

This was the short update of my week. I am excited about the things happening in my life. I enjoy life and enjoy my boys growing up. Winning the trophy at football, being proud to be a beaver and presenting the German beavers in his ‘class’…it all seems to be coming together. A life worth living for, they said, and we should enjoy every moment of it. Whilst these achievements are more C’s ones, R will have similar achievements to come, and he really enjoys school. Being very curious, he asked the wife if the ‘Chinese money plant would spit out prawn crackers’ – I guess he is right, why wouldn’t it?

Live the moment and don’t miss out on the wonders of life. They come in all shapes, forms and sizes.

Below’s picture I found searching for “Indian summer”. All credit to the photographer.

Enjoy your week.


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Sunday Column (342)

What I learned this week was a lot actually. I read another personal development book and managed to listen to a few podcasts. I love learning and constantly increasing my input from a variety of sources.

Putting last week’s tiring show into perspective, my job after the merger, I believe we are now getting to the point to move beyond phase one of integration, just in time for Q4. Without wanting to reveal or bore anyone about any work details, the exciting bits are discussed. My US colleagues have been over this week and I am more than excited to pull the throttle to open the floodgates. Rock’n roll!


Yet, aside work, my wife is still recovering from her accident which happened two weeks ago. Time is a healer. Time, however, is the most precious thing we own. A few weeks ago we were at Littlehampton beach. Whilst the kids were happily playing, and the wife was bathing – yes it was still warm(ish) – I was contemplating about life.

What had I achieved in life so far? Two healthy boys, both now in school, the renovation of the house almost complete, and married to what I believe the best woman in the world. Our 8th wedding anniversary is around the corner. I am happy. Truly happy. Life is treating me well, and I have worked very hard to get where I am.

My life ticks a few boxes of the Tony Robbins’ six Human needs. Yes, sometimes more uncertainty than certainty, and I definitely prefer certainty, but I get significance and love. I could have a bit more significance or responsibility in one or two areas of my life, but nothing I ‘must have‘ at the moment. As of above I am learning and growing, and I am in a position I can and do contribute to others.

I can help others. This for me is one of the greatest gifts I received in life. I am able to help others develop, grow and be part of something bigger. I help clients and sell them a superior product. This is something I genuinely enjoy. And whilst this sounds all like I am a boring person, every now and then I enjoy letting my hair down.

I noticed, particularly when not at home, that I enjoy going out and party. I guess it is because I don’t have the kids’ responsibilities or a wife telling me off 😉 It is the balance between hard, very hard work, and play hard attitude. I have been brought up from my early tele-sales days to play hard but to focus even harder at work. When you spend a whole day, meeting after meeting, bringing in the revenue, you need to let steam off somewhere. Have you seen the wolf on wall street? Important is that you deliver.


Supposedly I am jumping around a bit here. And why am I writing about this? Simple: I have been thinking about this a lot. About the why I love the hard work, and which need it fulfils. And, what the other side fulfils. In times of change, and at work I am going through changes, I like to evaluate. I want to make sure that the change ahead is in line with my needs, values and direction. This is important for me, and I also make sure this is important and there is alignment for my staff.

Life is fantastic. I am not complaining. Things could always be better, but they could always be. The grass is always greener. Yet, it will always be grass. Nothing is ever perfect. And wouldn’t it be boring if it was? Maybe, many years from now, I will be looking back and realising which part of life I was playing at this moment, and looking back at other part of my life just now, boy, I have come some way. Why I made one decision over another. And why we chose one path over the other….life is in life’s hands if you like.

Let us rejoice in the beauty of life.
Its challenges and its sorrows.

Let us celebrate life to move beyond where we are today. Let us grow and be great.
Let’s get shit done! GSD.

Have a fantastic week.

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Sunday Column (341)

Where to start. An eventful week. A scary week.

Monday was a great conference in London. An old friend has put on his annual RTB/Programmatic conference and I haven’t missed one yet. Just when I settled into the second panel, I got this message from my wife saying ‘there was an accident, I call you‘.

Nothing ever happens to us, right? We are always going to be alright. Your mind goes into an overdrive: Is your family ok? How bad is it…how long will it take me to get home? Luckily this ended up being mild(ish). My wife had hit a pedestrian when that person stepped out in front of her. Lucky for him she wasn’t driving but on her bike. Bad for her, she was knocked off her bike. Lucky for her she didn’t break anything and no car from oncoming traffic ran over her afterwards. Needless to say she wore a helmet.

She is fine. She is in pain. Seen the doctor and eventually the pain will ease they say. Time heals. We are grateful she escaped without serious injuries. I am grateful for her being able to continue looking after the kids whilst I then, on Tuesday, embarked on my adventure to dmexco.


I almost didn’t go. Yet, this is the biggest online and digital show/exhibition in the world. Again, for over 10 years, once it was a competitive show, I have been seeing this show grow from 1 hall and maybe pushing 100 exhibitors to now 4 halls and 300 or more exhibitors. Two days of meetings non stop. Three nights of heavy German food, actually a Michelin Sushi for us on one night, washed down with Koelsch, Wine, Lagavulins and Schnaps.

Discussions about work, the industry, ad blockers, companies, visions, futures. No sleep, lots of input, catching up with loads of industry friends, giving away almost 200 business cards, connecting to people, showing expertise, selling, visualising. And, of course, making deals, closing deals, celebrating success. That’s how the industry rolls and it is fun, exhausting but satisfying. There is no feeling like it when it hits 4 pm on the second day and you calm down, your brain is frazzled and you slowly wind down. It was the first time we presented my “new” company, the company that recently bought my existing outfit: 4C Insights. What I think of them? Awesome, see here for a vision/article I wrote about the merger.

Yes, as much as I hate the strain of it, I love it and enjoy doing it. Once a year! It has been an amazing event. Thank you organiser, Christian and Frank, for another show. Maybe I should have joined you years ago, but hey,….that’s for another time maybe.

I promised the kids some new pens. So I accomplished my mission with 27(ish) different pens I collected, some gummi-bears, squeaky ducks and some blue toys as well as a pixie book about the Internet. For myself I ended up with yet a few more external batteries, still needed at shows or when travelling. Those give-aways are so popular that people attend trade shows just to get freebies. Never mind.

Once I got back on Friday I cleared (most of) my inbox, picked up the boys from school, took them swimming, slept, had a dirty take away and soothing wine. I slept from 9 pm solid for 9 hours. I needed it. Still very tired the whole weekend, I got my wife to make some German food. Why not 😉

Guess that’s all.
I have to say, going for a run and taking it easier on the booze this year helped. I am slowly getting less carried away. Not sure if it is maturity or knowing that my body can’t cope that well anymore. Having said that, due to my fitness level, I can cope with lack of sleep and booze a lot better than I used to which is interesting. But nothing makes up for good sleep, and I don’t seem to sleep well when away at trade shows. And of course there is age concerns, but more about the mid life crisis another time 😉

Have a great week.

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