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When I set out on my journey as a coach over 10 years ago, all I wanted to do was to help others. Whether that is through active listening, suggesting alternatives or steering you in the right direction, supporting you to identify the best solution and being an honest sounding board.

My main focus group for individual coaching are men in their middle ages, usually set in their career, yet it might just be that you feel stuck in a rut or routine you can’t break out of:

  • Your career isn’t moving forward the way you expected it to
  • There are limiting believes
  • You feel imposter syndrome despite having done your job for many years
  • Your relationship is in question as you start reflecting on life and what your true purpose is
  • The relationship with your children is changing.

Does that sound familiar to you?
Is that you?

Since launching a podcast about men’s middle age this topic became even closer to my heart. As most of my clients come from a middle aged background, and are driven by success. A topic I examined in my previous podcast for over 4 years and wrote a best selling book on the back of it.

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Recently, I was able to guide a client through a life shift, understanding that life’s choices they made were dependent on their relationship with their father. Using a combination of family therapy and NLP, we went back to a particular situation and changed the perception of that event. As a result, the client was able to make decisions today that were free of their father’s influence. But it didn’t stop there. The client became a better parent themselves, improved the relationship with their partner, and changed their emotional relationship at work, turning into a better, more emotional intelligent leader. This case study shows how much your own perception and satisfaction in life reflects on other and your leadership too. Please find the full case study in IMPACT magazine.

For me, coaching often comes back to a very simple framework with an initial Analysis, then Coaching and Evaluation (ACE), getting you to be unstuck, shifting perceptions. This is done via:

  1. Rewiring: I support you to look at your life from a different perspective, and guide you to think about things differently
  2. Reframing: Let’s explore how we can revisit your experience and learnings and how they have supported you moving forward
  3. Reskilling: Learn new ways of setting up and living your life to your fullest potential
  4. Renewing: Relate to life, to yourself and others in a renewed way

Sales Coaching

As a sales coach, I monitor individual rep performance to identify areas for improvement and to reinforce behaviours that led to success with them or other reps. I build confidence, providing the team with tools and skills they need in order to succeed. This is different to sales training and falls into the sales enablement bucket.

Are you familiar with the typical issues facing sales?

  • Only 40% of AEs hitting target
  • Not enough time for coaching and supporting the sales reps
  • High turn over from staff
  • Lower than predicted revenue

How would it impact your business if your team starts having a different mindset?
Unlock your team’s true potential! What if you hit or even overachieve targets next quarter?

The benefits are clear:
– Increased self-awareness
– Increased confidence
– Higher accountability from the rep
– Improved sales performance
– Stronger mindset

Download the brochure via the link below and contact me today to discuss your requirements:

Coaching/Mentoring for Founders and Businesses

Through my work as a sales and leadership consultant, I coached, mentored and developed numerous founders, CEOs, senior- and mid level managers and sales teams from varied sizes of businesses, drawing on my extensive international knowledge of 10 years working with C-Levels.

Whether you are a founder or senior member of the team, you will have similar questions that need answering. What to prioritise? How to structure your day to be most productive? How to manage my team? How to manage myself? How to gain more confidence? How do I overcome imposter syndrome? What does success mean to me?

Also, for my podcast ‘Stories of Success’ I have interviewed close to 100 leaders over the years, which resulted in a bestselling book called ‘Principles for Success’.

Whilst most founders prefer me to mentor them, e.g. work with them an hour a month, asking for advice, most business owners or people that start on a new journey, prefer coaching, two or more hours a month, going into more depth and scope out a wider remit.

Team Work makes the Dream Work

I work across the teams to support their strategic approach and bolster your confidence to move your business in the right direction. That means supporting you to move forward with your ideas by asking the right questions and using relevant validation exercises. I offer that fresh pair of eyes, an unfiltered sounding board, and add my experience to your business. It’s about building confidence, overcoming fear of failure, stopping procrastinating and improving your business’ confidence and decision making.

Sometimes it is best to deploy me across a whole team or organisation. I work with teams across different functions and varied industries. In recent years I have delivered coaching workshops for teams on topics such as ‘stress management’, ‘active listening’, ‘conscious leadership’, ‘self-awareness’, ‘how to say no’, and ‘mindfulness in the workplace’. With the latter, I also support organisations with a wellness programme via my partner Moment Company.

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Benefits of coaching

Overall the benefits of coaching can be summarised as follows:

  • Self-awareness and self-observation of leadership behaviour
  • A more conscious approach to both leadership and personal life
  • An improved leadership style, teamwork and management skills
  • An improved influence and performance
  • Better interpersonal and communication skills leading to better relationships across your business and personal life
  • Increased flexibility in managing change
  • A better understanding of handling conflict, stress and change

It all starts with finding out what you want first, developing a plan to your individual success or success of your business. My extensive training and framework portfolio of 20+ years includes:

  • Strengths Coaching
  • Leadership and Executive Coaching
  • Productivity
  • EQ (Emotional Intelligence)
  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
  • DBM (Development of behavioural models)
  • Certificate Life Coaching
  • Certificate in Hypnotherapy
  • CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy)
  • Trainer education for Mindfulness
  • Modelling top performers
Contact us for a FREE consultation
Contact us – first session FREE

Working with me:

I only work with individuals and businesses that are serious about making changes in their life / business. All sessions require the client to be open minded and be accountable for their actions. That’s a commitment I require as otherwise you won’t get out of the sessions what you expect.

Coaching isn’t a quick fix, which is why we focus on longer term engagements. It requires time, commitment, energy and accepting responsibility for your decisions and actions. As a coach I cannot tell you what to do, therefore the final decision is yours.

For any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me on

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I have worked with Volker for almost 10 years. He has been a trusted advisor in several capacities for me. First, when I started in ad tech and media he mentored me through my master’s thesis into my first years on the job. As a first-time entrepreneur, I could always count on Volker confronting me with uncomfortable truths about myself. Questioning our approach, holding me accountable. Being there in good times and especially the bad ones when I learned about being lonely as a leader. He is what I would call an ‘honest coach’. Someone who you can trust to drive you forward. Volker’s advice has been invaluable to me over the past few years and I will continue to work with him.
Jost L., Founder and CRO

I hired Volker as a strategic advisor. His input regarding product and marketing proved invaluable to the company and helped us massively to attract the right attention in the industry. I would happily hire him again for any role involving product positioning and go to market strategy.
Nick Ellis, CEO and Founder

Volker coached me effectively to find a new career path. His excellent knowledge about human nature and his people skills, asking the right questions, helped me to explore and succeed. I would always recommend him as a personal development and career coach.
Marco G., Senior Manager, Consulting

I worked with Volker to identify my strengths via strength coaching and profiling. He helped me extensively to identify strengths to work on and weaknesses to ignore. The outcome was fantastic and on the back of that I worked more towards my strengths and achieved more of my goals moving forward. I have no hesitation to recommend Volker as a coach and mentor.
Ajay D., Consultant and Founder, Digital Industry, London 2019

I really enjoyed the session today. I have been extremely nervous about this for a while and have been putting off choosing a coach. I feel a little more confident after the coaching session today and I look forward to putting the tips into practice!
Cabot Financial

I’m feeling so inspired, excited and motivated about what lies ahead and the impact I have on my life and on the lives of others.
THANK YOU Volker!!!
DHL, South Africa

Very helpful session with Volker which allowed me to consider how I can improve collaboration within the business. Volker was very engaging and encouraging, providing me with useful insight and direction as to how I can improve my leadership within the business.
Thank you.
Colliers International

It is really useful to have a conversation and some insights from people who don’t know me, but have big experience and can advise with fresh eyes.
The session helped me a lot and gave me a plan.
General Electric

I had a very good session with Volker Ballueder. It helped me a lot on the issues I presented and gave me tools to get to a solution.

It took time for me to reflect and Volker had some really good ideas. I really took away that mindfulness is so key and you need time to reflect for yourself. A good tip was brain drain to basically reset and work out what you need to do.

I enjoyed this session and it has helped me frame my initial thinking in order to get a better handle on my career development.